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Wife bakes husband a cake to celebrate his vasectomy and it's everything


Michelle Stein

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Adding a baby to your family is a momentous occasion often celebrated with food, friends and presents galore. Equally as momentous, perhaps, is knowing when your family is complete and making the decision to do something about it. Permanently.

So why not bake a cake to celebrate?

That’s exactly what one wife from Nebraska did. With three sons — ages 8, 7 and 4 — Amber and Matt Cole were 100-percent ready to put their baby-making days behind them. “Our boys are a handful, amazing kids, but they definitely keep us busy,” Amber told BabyCenter. “We both knew three was our limit.”

In honor of Matt’s impending vasectomy, Amber decided to bake him a cake. The result is pure confectionary hilarity. Her simple, round-ish cake had the following message scrawled in blue frosting: “I’m glad you can’t knock me up!” And the icing on the cake? (Pun intended.) Amber frosted sperm on her masterpiece and then surrounded it with cupcakes adorned with little swimmers, too.

Earlier this week, the three-and-so-done mama decided to share a photo of her celebratory vasectomy cake — alongside a shot of she and Matt each sporting very different expressions while holding sperm cupcakes. “Someone’s not as excited about his ‘procedure’ tomorrow as I am!” she wrote on the Facebook post. “Also, it’s so very hard to write with frosting!! Celebrating with cake! Three boys are our limit! If anyone wanted to have a baby by my husband, speak now or forever hold your peace!”

Making cakes for all sorts of occasions is something Amber says she’s always done. (Even if they aren’t all up to Pinterest’s standard of perfection.) Her husband getting the snip-snip was no exception.

“I knew right when he agreed to the vasectomy, I was going to have to make a cake to celebrate,” she told BabyCenter. “I showed the cake to Matt and he laughed so hard … He has been such a great sport about the whole thing. I made sure it was all right with him before sharing the cake with our friends and family on Facebook.”

Amber said her husband was initially hesitant about getting the procedure, thanks to “horror stories” he’s heard. But the more they looked into it, the more Matt agreed it was time to take one for the team.

“We read about vasectomies and tubal ligations and we both agreed it was an easier, less invasive surgery for him to do it,” Amber told BabyCenter. “I have had three c-sections and the last was tough, took longer than normal for me to recover. I jokingly said, ‘It’s definitely your turn,’ and he was on board!”

In case you’re curious, Matt’s procedure went smoothly and he has recovered well. “He was so nervous about it. He has never had any sort of surgery before,” Amber said. “He is recovering so great, spending time relaxing on the couch. It’s helped to keep those bags of frozen corn rotating!”

(Amber, can we be best friends? Please?)

In all seriousness, though, my husband is down with getting a vasectomy whenever we’re ready to shut down the baby factory for good. (For that, I’m thankful.) I might have to steal this idea and bake him a cake, too. Who knows? Maybe vasectomy cakes will be all rage by then.

What do you think of this cake? Did you do anything special to celebrate being done with having babies?

Images courtesy of Amber Cole

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