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When my 3 kids get sick one after the other, I wonder why I'm cursed

When my 3 kids get sick one after the other, I wonder why I'm cursed


Michelle Stein

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Having three young children is a blessing. At times, though, it can feel like a curse. Like every morning when I’m scrambling to get them fed, dressed, and herded into the van in time for school drop-off. Or when the younger ones conspire against me by going on a nap strike and then end up in meltdown mode by 5 p.m.

But one of the absolute worst parts about having three kids is when all of them get sick — one right after another — so that at least one child is ill for literally a month straight.

It happens in a precise sequence, without fail:

1) One kid gets a fever and/or throws up. My husband and I treat the symptoms and deal with the mess, all while attempting to quarantine the ill child to a part of the house away from the other two. We’re super careful to wash hands/use hand sanitizer/keep things extra-clean, as to hopefully not infect anyone else in the family. Honestly, I don’t know why we even bother because …

2) After a few days to a week, the sick child is mostly well again. Except, that’s when the next kid decides to go down. Repeat step 1.

3) Repeat step 2.

sick kid

4) After the illness has gone through each of our children, my husband and I will look at each other, utterly exhausted, and say, “Well, at least neither of us got sick.” Then an hour later, we’re both on our death beds.

5) By the time an illness has wreaked havoc on our entire household/work load/schedules, a kid comes down with something else.

6) Repeat steps 1-5.

These cycles of perpetual sickness — which are most likely to strike from December through February — are so brutal. I’d almost rather deal with three barfing/feverish children all at once, just to get it over with already. BAM. Done. And everyone can move on with life. But nooo.

We are currently in the midst of the hell that is sequential sickness, if you couldn’t tell. (This time, hand, foot and mouth disease is the sneaky culprit.) At least we’re approaching the home stretch; our third and final kid seems to have finally succumbed to a fever, the first signs of impending doom. If you see me covered in red spots a week from now, you’ll know why.

Please send ibuprofen, donuts and any bit of sanity you can spare!

sick siblings

Can you relate to my cycles of month-long sickness? What do you think is the hardest part about having three or more kids?

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