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When dads plan gender reveals, there will be explosions–and axes


Sara McGinnis

posted in Pregnancy

If releasing gender reveal pink or blue balloons is a little too soft for your style, listen up. Dads are getting in on announcing their baby’s sex in hands-on ways, and the results are memorable, to say the least.

Here we look at 9 fresh gender reveal ideas…

1. The slam dunk

An emotional two points for these parents, who are pregnant with a rainbow baby.

2. Ready, aim, reveal!

The man with the good aim explains, “…we put the powder on top of the tannerite so the powder would fly upwards! Also, make sure you use (at the minimum) a 30-06 Rifle to make sure the tannerite explodes!”

3. The home run hit

David-Swayze-Photography baseball gender reveal

“The ball was made from a clear plastic Christmas ornament filled with powdered chalk painted and designed to look like a baseball. Extremely fragile. We had one shot to make this work.”

Read more about this baseball gender reveal photographed by David Swayze Photography by clicking here!

4. Rev up and reveal

The company that made this reveal possible discontinued their red tires because the smoke they produced was too pink, but that mistake turned out to be perfect for this family.

5. Can I axe if it’s a boy or a girl?


Parents can now find out if they’re having a Lumber Jack or Lumber Jane with a little axe-throwing competition at Stumpy’s Hatchet House in New Jersey.

6. A piece of art made with the help of a dart

gender reveal couple throwing darts

Photo by BabyCenter community member freeland0807

In this unique gender reveal the parents took turns throwing darts at paint-filled balloons.

7. Bucking the trends

When a life-long bull rider wants to make a big announcement he enlists the help of his pet bull, Princess Hooker. With a container filled with the appropriate colored powder strapped to her back she spilled the news in a big way.

8. Getting the entire house in on it

The result of three full days of work building a Rube Goldberg machine all the way through the house to reveal if baby two is a boy or a girl.

9. A wheely big deal


Image by Kelly Marie Photography.

After Matt Ostergaard and his fiancée lost a baby to Vanishing Twin Syndrome he wanted to go big to celebrate the surviving baby.  With the help of a giant Ferris wheel in Myrtle Beach, the couple lit up the sky.

Did your partner get in on your family’s gender reveal?

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