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What's your ultimate push present fantasy? Moms-to-be weigh in

What's your ultimate push present fantasy? Moms-to-be weigh in


Michelle Stein

posted in Pregnancy

Push presents are one of those things: You love ’em or you hate ’em. Some women simply scoff at the idea. Others insist “The baby is the only present I need.” Still others are all like “Heck yes, you better be getting me diamonds!”

The real question is: Does a woman deserve a pricey gift after delivering a baby? Not necessarily. But is it a nice gesture after the better part of a year spent growing a human being? Absolutely.

Moms in the May 2018 Birth Club have taken it a step further by sharing their ultimate push present fantasies. Although they’re not quite to the halfway point of their pregnancy journeys, these mamas are already dreaming about what they’d love most after giving birth.

“I’d like a $550 silk velvet dressing gown from a Danish designer,” the original poster of the BabyCenter Community thread confessed. “I spent 6 weeks straight in adult diapers after having DD, so silk velvet with PPH is probably not a good plan. I also don’t really want or expect a push present, but I really just want a fancy pointless dressing gown.”

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Another expecting mom chimed in with, “He could get me this $2,000 Gucci backpack as a diaper bag, which I could probably fit exactly 1 and a half actual diapers in. Maybe a few wipes if I leave it unzipped? It’s so pritty tho.”

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Here’s what other BabyCenter Community members said:

“Lmao, I deserve a house in the country with a cute garden all paid off if we are dreaming of unreasonable gifts.”

“I would like either a ring or a pendant with baby’s birthstone, and engraved on the backside with birthday, weight, length. I’m also hoping this baby comes in April so the birthstone will be a diamond lol.”

“I want this. Ignore the old woman,” a mom-to-be wrote, alongside a photo of Queen Elizabeth wearing a blinged-out crown. “I just want the crown she’s wearing. I’ve earned it.”

“I would love a proposal!”

“Never have received a push present, nor do I expect one, but if I was to choose something I wanted directly after birth it would be a month of maid service and a bagel and lox breakfast.”

“All of our debt completely paid off. Completely impossible, but that would be the ultimate gift.”

“Boob job and a Escalade if we’re dreaming big!

And the ultimate push present from this thread (which, in my opinion, should be guaranteed by law)? “Paid maternity leave.”

Honestly, the closest I’ve come to a push present was going out an buying a new pair of running shoes shortly after my third child’s birth. Oh, wait! My husband did fetch me a latte from Starbucks after our second baby was born. Does that count? If the sky was the limit, I’d like to second both the maid service idea and the paying off of debt idea. Because having babies is a messy, expensive business.

Have you ever received a push present? What is your push present fantasy?

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