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What You Should Know Before Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding

Introducing the D Weddings ABCs of Etiquette: Sure, you can flip through Emily Post’s bible of good manners, but what do Dallas brides, planners, and guests expect when it comes to local wedding etiquette? Dallas wedding experts tell us how to graciously navigate every wedding-day situation.

Maybe your dream wedding destination is in the Italian countryside. It’s your day—by all means, go for it. But what you can ask your guests and bridal party to pay for and attend is a matter of manners. Blythe Hill of Yoj Events in Charleston, South Carolina, has much experience planning events to and fro. Here are her tips.

The Travel Plans

Typically, wedding guests are expected to pay for their transportation and lodging. “We do suggest that hosts set up a hotel block for their guests, making their lodging options easier to determine as well as a bit more affordable,” Hill says. “We always suggest that our clients host a welcoming party for all guests as they are getting into town.”

The Wedding Party

We believe it is acceptable for wedding party members to pay for their own flights and hotels, but it is certainly a gracious offer for hosts to take care of these expenses, possibly in lieu of another thank-you gift. It’s also a nice gesture for brides to take care of their girls’ hair and makeup expenses,” she says.

The Guest List 

There are many events leading up to the time you walk down the aisle, but you’re not required to invite every guest to it all. “Many destination weddings turn into a whole weekend affair,” she explains. “Some hosts do decide to invite all guests to their rehearsal dinner, while others plan for a more intimate dinner followed by welcome cocktails for all.”

The Recommended Gestures

A welcome bag is a must. “You can include a host of information that will help your guests feel right at home,” she says.  Another sweet idea is hosting a brunch, usually drop-in style, to visit before departing.

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