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Video: Possibly the sweetest moment ever captured on a baby monitor


Becky Vieira

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Brianna Jonsson knew her 2-year-old son, Carter, was a loving big brother to 4-month-old Caden. But the extent to which he cares for his baby brother was unknown until she captured an adorable moment on her baby monitor.

In the clip, which has gone viral on Jonsson’s Instagram page, Carter gets out of bed to check on Caden. He crosses their shared room and pulls himself up on the side of his baby brother’s crib. He gently pats Caden before returning to his bed.

Jonsson and her husband, Cameron, watched the moment unfold live on their baby monitor. “We’ve seen Carter check on Caden before, but this is the first time we got the whole clip,” she told BabyCenter. “We know he’s a loving big brother, but to see it when you’re not supposed to be watching just melted us.”

The brothers have been sharing a room for a month now. And while the parents were initially worried it may not work, Carter has embraced his protective role. Jonsson shared that he will even come to his parents to tell them that “Caden needs booboo milk” when he’s crying.

The boys’ relationship has been a happy surprise for Jonsson. “Carter was only 22 months old when Caden was born, still a baby himself,” she explained. “It’s taken some time for him to understand that he isn’t going anywhere.”

As evidenced by this video it seems he’s adjusting just fine. Good job, Carter.

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Do you ever watch your baby monitor? What’s the best thing you’ve witnessed?

Image and video by Brianna Jonnson 

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