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Uh-oh, baby! This is what $94 of unintentionally ordered pizzas looks like


Sara McGinnis

posted in Parenting

A party size white tomato broccoli pizza (with sausage and steak added for good measure) was just the beginning of one baby’s recent order.

Thanks to the Slice app, Redditor Austin624 got quite the surprise when he checked his email. Along with his expected messages there was a confirmation for a $94 pizza order placed an hour earlier.

Justin called in to try and cancel, but was told the pizzas had already been made.

Curious to know what this shock-faced little one ordered? The button-mashing result was: one small Cuban chicken, one medium Cuban chicken with extra chicken and steak on half, one party size white tomato broccoli pizza with sausage and steak, and one small white tomato and broccoli pizza and one small artichoke pizza.

Justin kept the party size pizza and took the rest in to his work.

Though some commented to say they had doubts a baby could accomplish such an order, other parents were quick to share their own stories of tiny tots taking to modern technology.

“I lived with 2 year old little one for a bit and downloaded a few toddler-friendly apps for her to play with on my iPad,” FoldedDice shared, “She wanted nothing to do with them because she apparently wanted to emulate my behavior with it as closely as possible by using my grown-up apps.

“The kicker was that it only took a few days for her to pick up the multitouch ‘close app’ gesture from watching me do it. I would close my app and open one for her, then she would just do the same thing in reverse and just open other apps at random until she found the same one I’d originally been using.”

Keep an eye on your kidlet the next time they’re supposed to be only FaceTiming with Grandma!

What’t the most trouble your little one has gotten into on a phone?

Images by Austin624

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