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Invest and Sell: How Children’s Designer Clothes Can Be Cheaper or FREE!

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How much is an average child’s t-shirt on the high street? £8 – £12? What is the quality like? Will it wash and iron well? How long will it last? Will it be worth anything after it serves it purpose?

Answer: Typically the average high street t-shirt is a throwaway item. Quality will be ok but it will have has zero value after being worn. Same with children’s coats and shoes. Throw away items with zero resale value.

As adults, we like a designer brand. And what do we do with our designer clothing once we stop wearing them? We sell them on ebay!

So how can children’s designer clothes be cheaper or even free?

A quick guide on how to get designer brands for the same or less than high street prices:

#1 Subscribe: Join the mailing list of children’s’ designer clothing websites such as Children’s Salon, Ralph Lauren, AlexandAlexa, Geox – to name a few. These websites tend to have huge sales every few months i.e. 50 – 70% off + join their mailing list toget direct promotional codes.

#2 Invest: Designer brand clothing may cost more, but long term you should get better value, especially if you pre-buy sale items. Example: I bought a kid’s Ralph Lauren coat in the sale with 70% off for £59 on the Ralph Lauren website. Ok, £59 is more than a typical high street price, but I am getting a well-made quality designer item. Why is that important?

#3 Resale: Once the coat serves its purpose i.e. does not fit anymore or warmer weather – I can put the coat on eBay and sell it. Guess what? I sold it for BIN £41! So the coat only cost me £18! Which is cheaper than the high street alternatives. Childrens’ designer clothes sell like hot cakes on eBay. An average child’s coat bought from the high street will end up in the bin after use as it has little to no resale value.

#4 Strategise: With a keen eye you can buy children’s designer clothes and sell them for more than you paid. Buy a coat in the summer sale, buy summer clothes en of summer. One of the websites I listed above has truly incredible sales – 70% off + promo codes + free delivery + all the sites will deliver this sale information direct to your inbox + most offer free returns.

#5 Gift: What teenager wouldn’t be thrilled with designer clothing as a birthday or Christmas gift!

I am not saying drip your children from head to toe in designer clothes. I am saying a few choice pieces can pay for themselves and of course look fantastic. Invest and sell!

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