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Camping With Kids: 16 Essential Items You Need To Pack #safety

Top Tip: Camping With Kids 16 Essential Items You Need To Bring

16 items you should absolutely consider packing when camping with children.

Stay safe. Have fun:

#1 Water container + drinking bottles
#2 Insect Repellant
#3 Suncream
#4 Wet Wipes (baby wipes)
#5 Parasol or Gazebo
#6 First Aid Kit (plasters, bee sting or nettle antiseptic cream)
#7 Torch
#8 Books and Board Games
#9 Foam or Inflatable Beds To Sleep On
#10 Tin Opener
#11 Sun hats (or caps)
#12 Walkie Talkie (a small investment to know where your kids are at all times! – buy here)
#13 Ball
#14 A large bottle of squash
#15 Antibacterial Hand Gel
#16 Rubber Wrist Band: Write your mobile number on the wristband (or park’s tel) and put it on your Childs wrist. Let’s keep camping safe! (buy here)

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If you have a tip, let me know below and I will update this list.

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