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Bye SkyTV, Hi Unlimited Music, Films, TV Box Sets, Cartoons, Photo Storage + Free To Keep..

Free music, tv, films, iTunes music

Bye SkyTV, Hi Unlimited Music, Films, TV Box Sets, Cartoons, Photo Storage + Free To Keep Music

My SkyTV package bill seemed to creep up every month. I worked out my average cost per month for SkyTV was £43 (not including phone line and broadband). £516 a year + tv licence. Not a huge amount of money but there are two things I hate about SkyTV:

#1 The bloody adverts! Across all channels at exactly the same time for an average 5 minutes per time!

#2 Why do existing customers have to phone up and waste 20-40 minutes haggling to get the best deal?

SkyTV does not represent good value to me anymore. So after two years, adios!

Now I get advert free tv box sets, films, kids shows, unlimited music, for £7.99 pm

I get:

  • unlimited photo storage – a great back up for valuable family/holiday/party pictures.
  • unlimited song storage (store all my cd music in the cloud + access on any device)
  • advert free tv box sets + exclusive tv content
  • inclusive unlimited music streaming, no adverts (includes latest songs/albums)
  • huge library of advert free kids entertainment (cartoons/films/tv shows)
  • a good (not Sky good) selection of categorised films
  • unlimited next day delivery
  • early access to special ‘daily deals’

All that for £7.99 per month with Amazon Prime. And I noticed a little gem. As a Prime customer If I buy something and select FREE no hurry 3 – 5 day delivery; Amazon give a £1 credit. I easily buy 6-10 items per month. So I always select the free no hurry option at checkout and every time I get a £1 credit. I can use that credit to buy a digital song to keep (and put it in iTunes) or I can let it build up and use to buy a digital film to keep.

Amazon Prime costs £7.99 per month = £95.88 per year.
SkyTV = £516 per year
SkyTV minus Prime membership = a saving of £420.12 per year.

A £420.12 saving! Plus, Amazon Prime includes their version of Spotify/Apple called Amazon Music – you get unlimited songs, albums and curated playlists all included in your £7.99 per month.

Amazon Prime has Andriod and Apple apps for tv/film and a separate app for backing up all your photos. To me, it’s a no-brainer. Let the kids watch Peppa Pig advert free!

Why not try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days?

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