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Todd Fiscus Launches Luxury Rental Company

Todd Fiscus is no stranger to the event world, and this spring he expanded his area of expertise by launching Party! Dallas, a luxury rental company. This is the third event-related venture Fiscus has embarked upon, following  Todd Events and Avant Garden.

Party! Dallas is comprised of five separate lines: Party Props (furniture, pillows, lamps, candles, tabletop pieces), The Curated Line (textiles for table linens, table runners, napkins and chair cushions), 25 Watts (chandeliers and light fixtures), Passamentre (custom skirting and fabrication), and Vertical 360 (drapes). In addition to these five lines, Party! Dallas is also planning to add a boutique tenting line to the mix this summer.

Party! Dallas doesn’t function like your typical rental company, so D Weddings chatted with Lauren Heiler, president of Party! Dallas, to learn more about the ins and outs of the new company.

D Weddings: Tell us about Party! Dallas and who has access to the rentals.

Lauren Heiler: Party! Dallas is a luxury rental company formatted very similarly to an interior design showroom concept. Through Party! we’ve acquired all the inventory that used to be Todd Events’, but is now managed, operated, and owned by Party!, so that it is accessible not only to Todd Event’s clients, but also to other planners and designers that we call Party! partners.

We are going to partner with other party professionals, so not necessarily the bride or the end user. Our approach is to connect more with other designers, florists, planners, and rental companies who want to subcontract for specialty items that they don’t have in their inventory if they have a client requesting certain things that we might have.

DW: What’s Todd’s role in the company?

LH: He’s the brains behind the operations, and this was all of his past inventory that we’ve acquired through Party!. He is creative director, so he will still play a role in the inventory as far as purchasing, selling, and ideas on new pieces that we could add to the collections. However, you won’t necessarily see him selling in the showroom. It’s managed and operated separately from Todd Events. We have our own director of sales, sales assistant, and production team that manages the deliveries, installations, and pick up. So Todd will not really have any type of sales or operations role. He’s more so just creative consultant, but he does own the company.

DW: What sets you apart from other rental companies?

LH: We’ve tried to make this more of a collaborative experience for our partners. What makes us different is that we’re not marketing to the end user. It’s primarily a “b-to-b” business, so we’re trying to make it as designer friendly as possible. In order to shop Party!, you have to become a member. We vet our clients and have a conversation with them to make sure they are a legitimate company, business, or end user—we will have a handful of end users because we have clients that we develop relationships with that we trust will take good care of our products.

DW: Since you mainly partner with other experienced event experts, are you less involved when it comes to selecting the actual rentals to use?  

LH: What’s great about Party! is that the process is a little bit different. All of our members have their own account and they have access to our full online catalog. We put the designer role on them and let them choose what they want to order, and they can order from all five lines. So, you can actually design a whole party or an event, just using Party! You’ve got your linens, chandelier work, and drapes. The only thing you need to do is hire a florist.

DW: What sort of events are you hoping to provide rentals for? Just weddings or everything?

LH: We’re open. Part of our growth plan is actually to advertise and market to interior designers who might have houses to stage or might be working with a client of theirs who’s doing a housewarming party that needs furniture. So you can rent for anything. There are really no rules as to style or type of event.

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