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To the mom crying in her car


Joanna Venditti

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Every one of us has been there. That moment when it’s all too much and despite your best efforts of holding it in and taking deep breaths, you feel your cheeks become hot and tears start rolling down your face. You quickly glance around you, peeking out the window of your car when the light turns red to see if anyone was noticing… the moment you broke.

mom crying

Maybe it was just not your morning. You could barely get your kids out the door in time. No one was listening to you, and despite trying your absolute hardest not to yell, the words exploded out of your mouth, directed at your kids as as you felt guilt and frustration pour over you. Maybe you received bad news. Bad news that you were either waiting for, or worse, blindsided you.

Maybe you got into yet another fight with your spouse. The person who was your best friend the day you began to start a family, and now you are on completely different pages. You feel angry towards this person and you don’t even know why, or how to fix it.

I have been each of those people. Too many of us have.

mom crying in car

But despite your best efforts, after scrambling around your car to find your sunglasses to hide your uncontrollable tears on this cloudy day… somebody saw you. Here is what they think of your early morning display of raw emotion.

The next portion has been taken with permission from a thread on my local mommy Facebook group. 

Today while driving to work, I was stopped at the lights, there was a mom in a van behind me clearly upset and crying. I’m not sure who you are, or what you are going through. But I just wanted to say, you are doing great. You are an awesome person and it will get better! Also your little baby is adorable… I hope you have an okay day and someone gives you a hug real soon. -Brianna

Momma in the van, hang in there! Life sucks sometimes but keep your strength and know there is a community of women standing behind you. -Preet

Mommy in the van… I’ve been in your shoes many times. Hang in there. This too shall pass. No one can see your cape and I know you’re a superhero. People who don’t care, don’t cry. You probably haven’t had a day off from your super-mom-wife-employee-daughter duties in years. There’s an army of silent supporters with you. -Navine

Oh that is hard. Life is not fair sometimes, but keep your head up and stay strong. -Melissa

Hugs to you momma. Hang in there, there is always a bright light at the end of a tunnel. -Saira

If you are that mom in her car, crying today, know this… you are not alone. You are every mom, trying to be a million things to a million people. We all struggle, we all have to lean on our village, find our balance again and constantly problem solve. We look at you crying in your car and see a reflection of ourselves. We can all relate. We have all been the mom crying in her car.

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This post was originally published in November, 2016.

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