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Tips For Cutting Your Cake

Asked if couples should cut the cake themselves or let the pros do it, Dallas bakers were all in agreement: Go with the pros! Here’s what they had to say.

“For the first cut for pictures, yes! For the entire cake to be served to guests, no. This is a messy, labor-intensive process that requires precision. Best left to your catering staff!”

—Heather Anziani, Crumb & Kettle

“Don’t ever bother with cutting cake for your guests. Let the caterers do this. These stacked cakes have an internal structure that caterers can easily disassemble as they cut and still get beautiful slices of cake for the guests. And they will cut the correct serving sizes: 5 inches-by-2 inches-by-1 inch. People typically cut gigantic cake servings that guests don’t want because they don’t know how to cut cake.”

—Lauren Kitchens, Fancy Cakes by Lauren Kitchens

“One hundred percent let the experts do it! It takes practice and is very messy. It’s worth every penny to pay your caterer to cut your wedding cake and serve it to your guests so that it gets done properly.”

—Heidi Allison, Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

“The couple should cut the first slice of cake, which always makes for such a cute photo, then let the pros do the rest. While the guests have their slices served to them, it’s a great time for the newlyweds to get some extra mingling time—and a good chance to visit with some of the guests who may not be joining them on the dance floor.”

—Sophie Rotundo, Panini Bakery

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