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Tips for Creating the Ultimate Bridal Suite

The morning of your wedding will be spent primping until you’re picture perfect. Many brides opt to get ready in a hotel room, others in a space at their venue—wherever you are, entertaining a few nerves before your nuptials is only natural. Creating an aesthetically pleasing haven with nourishing food and romantic tunes will help wash those worries away. We spoke with Mackenzie Kaufmann, event sales manager at Hyatt Regency Dallas and soon-to-be Mrs., to pick her brain about how to design a dreamy bridal suite. 

D Weddings: What type of hotel room would be best for a bridal suite? If a bride doesn’t want to get ready at a hotel, what are some other types of rooms that might serve the purpose well, too?

Mackenzie Kaufmann: We typically recommend our brides get ready in a section of the suite they’re already sleeping in. This allows for easy access to your things and restrooms, plus your whole wedding party can fit. 

If you’re not getting ready in a hotel room, it’s not so much the actual type of room (for example, a dining room or a kitchen could both work), but it’s the logistics of the room. The two most important things are plenty of natural light and that it’s closely located to your first event, such as the ceremony. Natural light will help with hair, makeup, and photos—and location proximity will keep you on schedule. Make sure you see the room yourself, or send someone else to see it, before you book it—you don’t want to end up getting ready with eight different girls in a closet. 

DW: Who should you invite to be in the bridal suite?

MK: This is definitely personal preference and up to the bride, but we traditionally see the bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom in the bridal suite. It’s a special morning and keeping it intimate is part of the experience.

DW: What type of food should she provide? Let’s say she’s getting married at 11:00 a.m.—should she provide breakfast and lunch? Now, let’s say she’s getting married at 3:00 p.m.—what should she provide then?

MK: Food, and how much of it, is really dependent on how long you’ll be getting ready. We always advise our brides to air on the side of caution and to have more than enough—you don’t want a hungry bride or mother of the bride. If you have extra, you can always give it to your vendors or your events team—they’re always hungry.

For the 11 a.m. wedding, I would provide breakfast and then some light, grab-and-go snacks that your wedding party could quickly eat before heading to the ceremony or photos. For a 3 p.m. wedding, I would provide both breakfast and lunch. I recommend ordering a variety of different salads to have on-hand that your wedding party could serve themselves in between hair and makeup appointments in the suite. Be sure to check with your bridal party on any dietary restrictions, and order some salads without chicken, cheese, or nuts for some of your guests. 

For a little midday snack and dessert, our brides like to order the mini doughnut and yogurt parfait bar. You get a taste of something sweet and something healthy—and you avoid the sugar crash.

DW: How much alcohol should she provide? Any at all?

MK: When it comes to alcohol throughout a wedding weekend, this is totally personal preference for the bride. For example, I don’t plan on providing any alcohol until after I say “I do.” At Hyatt Regency Dallas, we see all different decisions and combinations when it comes to alcohol, based on religious beliefs, family dynamics, and more. 

DW: Can you give us some insight into what type of playlist might be good? 

MK: I always recommend brides should play music that makes them happy and excited for the day. Don’t cater to what your bridesmaids listen to—if you’re like me, they probably all have different tastes anyways and you can’t make them all happy. This is your day, so set your vibe! 

DW: How do you recommend decorating the room?

MK: Some ideas include incorporating cute little details, like cocktail napkins (these could even be the ones you ordered for the reception—a little preview of what’s to come) or drink stirrers to set the vibe. You could also have cute photos of yourself with members of the bridal party around the room. Your bridesmaids and other guests will feel so loved and included in the big day. 

DW: What are must-have items to have in your bridal suite with you? 

  1. Food
  2. Speakers/sound system
  3. Clothes to get ready in 
  4. A big bag for the day with all of your touch-up items
  5. A phone charger


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