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This dad's epic Star Wars Christmas card rules the galaxy!

This dad's epic Star Wars Christmas card rules the galaxy!


Melissa Willets

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“I’m not a Star Wars fan,” said no one ever. Which is why you will love photographer and dad-of-two Josh Rossi’s epic Star Wars-themed Christmas card.

As Rossi told BabyCenter in an email, he too is a huge fan of Star Wars. So naturally, he says, “I went all out this year for our family photos.”

Rossi explained, “I basically recreated The Last Jedi movie poster scenes with my two kids and wife.”

Of course, as you can imagine, creating the perfect movie poster-like images with kids can be, um, rather challenging. Especially since Rossi’s son Josh Jr. is just 1 year old.

“It takes a bunch of shots to get the right one,” Rossi told us.

Get this: these final images are actually a composite of many separate photographs. “I usually have to photograph [the kids’] faces separate than their bodies, and then possibly an arm or leg,” Rossi explains. “I then stitch them together in Photoshop.”

“Little Josh, who is 1, had a hard time holding the giant lightsaber,” the dad also told BabyCenter about what was happening behind the scenes of this epic Star Wars photo shoot. “So I taped chips to the handle and he immediately grabbed on, and I got the right shot!”

Star Wars Christmas card

And in case you are wondering, as I was, yes, this is the official actual Rossi family Christmas card this year. Hey, what do we have to do to get on your holiday greeting list?

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first photo shoot this talented dad has put together using his little ones as the stars. Rossi’s Beauty and the Beast-themed photographs featuring his then 3-year-old daughter Nellee are my personal favorite. The lucky tot also got to take part in a fierce Wonder Woman photo shoot courtesy of her daddy.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with next, Rossi family!

What is the theme of your Christmas card this year?

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