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Things to Remember When Getting a Pre-Wedding Spray Tan

While spray tans are the safest option for your skin year-round, they’re especially helpful when poolside conditions are less than desirable (hint, hint: now!) Leslie Lopez, co-owner of The Tan Bar, gave us her top tips for a pre-wedding spray tan, because let’s be honest, a spray tan and a white dress could be a risky combo if you don’t take the proper precautions. 


Exfoliation is the key to a smooth, even tan. Making sure all dead skin is scrubbed off prior to a spray tan will prevent dark patches on hands, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles,” Lopez says. “Exfoliating will also greatly improve the wear of the tan for an even fade after day nine or 10. All tanners also want clean, dry skin free of any lotions or potions.”

Complete all other services before your tan

Whether it is a manicure, pedicure, facial, hair removal, lashes, or a waxing appointment—if services are performed after a tan, you might find the respective areas no longer have a tan due to steps needed to complete them, i.e. razors, glue, water, or chemicals,” Lopez says. 

Give it a test run

Try it out prior to your big day. Most tanning specialists will offer several options, and the technician will work with you to find the perfect solution to meet your needs,” Lopez says.  “Testing it out a few weeks before will allow for feedback and to perfect the tan so you feel comfortable with the end result on your big day.”


“Keeping your skin healthy and moisturized will keep the tan looking good, even, and lasting longer. The best lotions are all natural and include shea or cocoa butter. You can even use natural oils like coconut or grapeseed oils,” Lopez says. “You can never over-moisturize.”

Use baby powder to prevent your tan from transferring onto your dress

“On the wedding day, we always suggest a light sprinkle of baby powder between the bride and the interior of the dress. You can even lightly dust the interior of the dress,” Lopez says. “A fitted dress and a lots of celebratory dancing might pull off some tanned skin cells, but the powder will absorb the tanned cells and help keep your dress in photo-ready condition.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Make sure you contact your tanning tech if anything concerns you with your tanning results. We suggest tanning 48 hours prior to your big day, allowing for time to set the tan and time for corrections if any issues come up,” Lopez says. “Touch ups are easy and quick should you decide that you want one. It’s your day, and we are here to make you feel your best.”

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