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The Weekly Love List: Outfits to Get Ready in on Your Wedding Day

The Weekly Love List: Outfits to Get Ready in on Your Wedding Day

From time to time, we ask the D Weddings editors to share their current crushes—from skincare regimens, honeymoon destinations, or registry must-haves. Consider “The Weekly Love List” your D Weddings editor-approved wish list for before, during, and after wedding day.

This week, we asked our editors for their favorite getting-ready getups.

I am lucky enough to have a very talented mother who made me a beautiful lace robe for my wedding day, which of course made it extra special. But had that not been the case, I would’ve bought this robe from Bhldn, which looks very similar to the one I wore (with a nude slip underneath).

—Jessica Otte, executive editor

Ya gotta have a button-down top so you don’t mess up that ‘do; and Pretty Plum Sugar is the queen of get-ready sets. I would opt for this sweet, all-white combo—and add a giant new monogram.

—Sarah Bennett, managing editor

Mi Golondrina’s bridal selection is always so striking in photos. I’d be a little concerned about the ’do, as they say, but this look may be worth the risk!

—Caitlin Clark, online managing editor

If I could live in caftans, I would (and often do in the Summer). Dream wedding redo:  I would opt to get married on the Italian coast. I would spend the day getting ready on a sun-soaked veranda in this caftan. My bridesmaids could also have caftans – but not white (obviously).

—Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, creative and editorial director

So I have been a bridesmaid enough (well not as much as Sarah….) to know that I am not going to wear another monogrammed button down and I have like three robs in my closet. So I was thinking why not get something that I want to wear, like this Lunya set! I mean I would spend my whole life in these if I could. White for the bride and then black or grey for the bridesmaid. And it doubles as the bridesmaid gift, with no monogram!

—Morganne Stewart, art manager

When I’m excited about something, I tend to run a bit warm. I’m sure my wedding day will be no exception, so I’ll need to get ready in something that keeps me feeling breezy and beautiful. This Jonquil robe is just the right balance of feminine and delicate without being too frilly. Not to mention the fact that along with white it comes in a gorgeous light blue, which I’m sure will suit my bridesmaids just splendidly.

—Meghan Lally, assistant editor

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