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The unexpected benefit of being a Christmas baby

The unexpected benefit of being a Christmas baby


Melissa Willets

posted in Pregnancy

My husband is a Christmas baby.

Muffled years ago, his siblings would tell you their little brother ruined Christmas. They had to wait to open gifts, because their mom went into labor. So unfair, right?

Then of course, growing up, my husband’s birthday was rolled into Christmas. As many other children with birthdays around the holidays can attest to, their special days get overshadowed by the biggest holiday in the world.

For that reason, parents who give birth on Christmas, or close, feel guilty. But I’m going to let you in on a secret about being a Christmas baby, that may help you see what a blessing it is to be born the same day as Jesus.

Fast forward many years, past elementary school birthday parties that no one can attend due to holiday obligations. Skip over high school, and college. Now, my husband enjoys a benefit of having a Christmas birthday very few adults share: He never, EVER, EVER has to work on his birthday.

Unlike the rest of us, upon growing up, a Christmas baby will likely get to do what he or she wants on their birthday. Unlike every other responsible adult, Christmas babies get to actually enjoy their special day.

I remember my last birthday; sort of. It was just like every other day, in that I woke up, got my kids ready for school, spent the day working, picked my kids up from school, made dinner, helped with homework, did baths, sat on the couch and watched TV, and went to bed. A friend dropped off a gift, and my parents called; I received a few texts and Facebook call-outs wishing me a happy birthday. And… that was it.

But on my husband’s birthday, he spent the entire day with his family, at home, in his pajamas. He sipped mimosas by the Christmas tree. We enjoyed a delicious brunch of his favorite foods. He watched his children open gifts and be overcome with joy.

Being a Christmas baby isn't so bad

Later, we binged on Christmas movies. Then we indulged in a special, homemade holiday meal, and dessert, followed by more cocktails, and relaxing.

So while a Christmas baby might get the shaft early on in life, fret not. For one day, he or she will be the envy of all.

If you have a Christmas baby, do you feel guilty?

Photos: Melissa Willets and iStock

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