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THE LATEST IN FOOD: All-New Trends and How to Make Them Happen – Without Breaking the Bank

Brides wanting glitz, glamour, and elegance is nothing new in the world of wedding planning. But these days, it’s about the only thing unchanged. New trends in food, finances, and planning have emerged, leaving some wondering how to pull off the perfect event that’s at once timeless and fashion-forward. Because Jasper’s works closely with so many brides, we’ve picked up some insight on what’s new, what’s now, and how to pull it off.

For most brides, keeping the event budget-friendly is equally important as finding the perfect dress. Couple that with new expectations and trends in catering like grazing stations, cocktail hours, food stations and seated dinner, brides are pleasantly surprised to find that none of those things have to break the bank – or come at the expense of sacrificing anything else on their list. Jasper’s Catering creates custom menus for each wedding, offering an all-inclusive package that takes the guesswork and extra cost out of planning a wedding meal. Unlike other caterers, our brides pay one flat rate per person without service fees, gratuity, or credit card processing fees.

We all know an excellent meal is a central piece of a truly beautiful wedding reception, and it no longer has to be comprised of the standard “please check chicken or fish” image many think of. Our customizable menus offer several choices for entrées and sides, accommodating any health-conscious or dietary-restricted guests.

Planning the perfect wedding may seem like a moving target but selecting Jasper’s Catering makes that dream reception a reality.

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