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Stunning floral maternity images like you've never seen

Stunning floral maternity images like you've never seen


Melissa Willets

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You may have seen other maternity images in your life. But not like this.

Christophe Guinet, a self-described “urban gardener” who goes by “Mr. Plant” or “Monsieur Plant,” captured the natural beauty of pregnancy in stunning photographs that beg the question: “How did he do that?”

Floral maternity shoot

“There is no bodysuit,” Guinet told BabyCenter in an email about how he achieved the effects in these unforgettable maternity images. “The flowers are directly glued to the skin with a special glue [I] based on water meal and sugar.”

Floral maternity photos will awe youGuinet’s work aims to show the everyday beauty of nature, according to his website. For this project in particular, the artist explains he wanted to channel the weeks of patience pregnant women must endure. Which, yes, can feel like forever.

Floral maternity photo

This series of maternity images also aims to, “Put the beauty of the woman in these magical moments, where Nature and Love make perfect allies.”

For those of us who aren’t so poetically minded (ahem, me), think of it like this. Is there anything more natural, and full-of-love than pregnancy?

Floral maternity shoot

Guinet explains he incorporated landscapes from his surroundings, including mountains, the sea, and the forest.

Floral maternity photos stun

Here is a video of the photo shoot. The footage really showcases these pregnant women’s natural beauty. And kinda makes you feel pretty awesome about your body, if you happen to be pregnant.

Léon from Monsieur Plant on Vimeo.

Pregnancy really is such a special time. It’s a time that many of us take for granted. Not only is the pregnant body stunning in all its forms, but what’s inside, should be cherished, and nurtured and adored, every step of the way. Thanks to Guinet for reminding us of this, with his fascinating photographs.

See more of Guinet’s work on his website, and on Instagram and Facebook.

All photos used with permission of Christophe Guinet – Monsieur Plant.

Were you or are you able to appreciate the beauty of your pregnant body?

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