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So does having girls just mean buying stuff ALL THE TIME?

So does having girls just mean buying stuff ALL THE TIME?

It feels like I’m about 5 seconds pregnant. I’m around 13 weeks, but still. I honest to goodness cannot stop buying baby stuff. And I haven’t even been in one baby store yet. I’m a little afraid of what might happen when I do.

You see, while this may be my husband and my fifth baby, it is our very first girl.

buying girl stuff
My boys, so thrilled to share the good news.

The other day I ran into our local farm supply store for a feed bucket and came back with a darling little girl outfit, and no bucket. To my defense, they didn’t have the particular bucket I wanted. We farmers are picky like that, I guess.

Our current youngest, Charlie.

This one incident isn’t really alarming. But it keeps happening. I ran into our local furniture store a week ago for an end table, left the store with no end table but I did find a wonderful armoire for my baby girl’s nursery…to put in our new house that won’t be done until Christmas.

Yikes! I cannot stop!


I feel totally guilty for so many reasons. First, I never had buying fever with any of my boys. Second, I have decided to get all new baby gear for this babe, even though the stuff Charlie used only a year ago is probably fine. And third, I feel like it is almost too early to start buying anything. Like those people who start loading up on Christmas stuff right after Halloween, the second Target hangs that crap up. Just say no, people.

Anyway, when the heck is it okay to start buying things? Immediately after getting a positive urine test? After your first doctor appointment? When you start showing? After your baby shower? What is the socially acceptable thing to do here? Also, when does the buying, or the urge to buy, stop?

I know as a soon-to-be fifth-time parent, I should have this all down. But, I totally don’t. And, I feel like being a girl-mom comes with a whole set of new rules.

When do you start buying baby things?

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