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10 Step Guide On How To Embarrass Your Children, By Dancing!


Remember, those times your son or daughter was difficult, stubborn and unhelpful? It’s payback time! The good old disco, yeh, revenge is best served…….in front of all their friends!

The Blue Print

In no particular order and to pretty much to any music, here is what to do:

#1 – The robot. Kids love that (not). Any song, just move stiffly in slow motion, like a robot!
#2 – The hammer dance! Can’t touch this: step by step guide here. Some don’t need the guide (like me).
#3 – The 8 Mile: bend your arm across your chest like you are bouncing a ball whilst bobbing your head up and down (hoodie optional).
#4 – Yelling ‘OMG this is so my jam!!!’ And clicking your fingers as you boogie over to the dance floor.
#5 – Twerking. Always goes down a treat. Hunker down and stick it out!
#6 – The fresh prince: lift a leg and wriggle it! – video guide here.
#7 – The Riverdance: A foot-tapping joy and my personal favourite. Links in nice after the hammer dance. (extra parents to make up the line is optional, as is bringing the cd for full effect).
#8 – Blue steel. This is a pose to use for cameras only: Narrow your eyes, lean towards one shoulder with your chin and pout. Boom! you just infiltrated their Facebook page!
#9 – The jacket toss and point. One for the dads and an absolute classic. Refresher here.
#10 – Hi fives as you leave the dance floor or a few knuckle bumps. If you get applause then even better. Milk it!

Going Rogue

The splits, breakdancing, especially the windmill are entirely optional. But teaming in up with another parent and dancing in unison will definitely be extra memorable – for your son or daughter. At this level, you are going to require practice and planning. And possibly an ‘arrangement’ with the DJ. But it can be done! 1, 2, 3, 4 We got disco war!

Top song picks for going rogue:

– We Built This City – Starship
– Thriller – Michael Jackson (especially the zombie dance)
– Apache – The Sugar Hill Gang
– That’s The Way (I Like It) – KC and The Sunshine Band
– It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones

IMPORTANT: miming the words to the songs as you dance shows attitude and is, even more, point scoring!!

What happens I find myself in a dance off, Paul?

I got you on this. If someone asks if you want a piece of ‘this’ – check dancing Rick for everything you need to know.

REMEMBER: Next time your kids are unhelpful, remind them of your dancing! #parentpower

And kids, we WILL absolutely go there with our dress sense!

Send in your disco pictures/videos and we will publish them on our FaceBook and YouTube pages.

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