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Pink cries with fellow mom in grocery store: "It's so hard. Y'all."

Pink cries with fellow mom in grocery store: "It's so hard. Y'all."


Sara McGinnis

posted in Parenting

Do you know why it is so many moms are endeared to certain famous counterparts, such as Chrissy Teigen and Pink?

I’ve long believed it to be because of their ability to be open and share their lives despite inevitable criticism, but I’m realizing it’s even more specific than that. Plenty share highlights, but we have a special love for the few that can share their fails.

Pink, who shares 6-year-old daughter Willow and 1-year-old son Jameson with husband Carey Hart, recently had it bluntly pointed out to her by a fellow mom at the grocery store. The singer’s tweet detailing the encounter:

Group hug, all. (Said in the sincerest of ways. Parenting really is a long, wild ride.)

Pink with son and daughter

Pink’s tweet has inspired others to share their stories of random kindness encounters. Here’s a sweet one from a woman named Betty:

I’m a little too shy to go up to a stranger and share a few words, but I do often try and throw a commiserating, supportive smile to moms who are elbow-deep in a tantrum. I hope that as others are muttering the kid needs a good spanking (yes, I’ve really overheard that) my happy face says to the mom, “You’re doing just fine.”

It’s not all mommy wars out there. What random acts of kindness or compassion have you been a part of?

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