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Photos: Rainbow pregnancies celebrated in honor of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

Photos: Rainbow pregnancies celebrated in honor of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month


Melissa Willets

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Loss moms like me don’t need Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month to make us aware of the tragedy and trauma of loss. But this month is crucial for raising the collective consciousness about the reality of living with loss, an ache that will never go away. It can only be soothed over time, with love, and perhaps, the promise of new life.

JoAnn Marrero of From Labor to Love Photography recently captured eight women who are pregnant with rainbow babies — babies conceived after the dark storm of loss. These photos honor that loss, and embrace the hope of new life. In a post on Facebook, Marrero wrote, “We must remember and celebrate the beautiful souls that we grieve for so deeply, yet we must stand tall, be brave and look ahead to the beauty the future will bring.”

Rainbow pregnancies celebrated in honor of loss month

“During our Annual Maternity Rainbow session we honored eight amazing women,” she added, and then went on to explain the backstory of some of the losses these brave moms have endured.

“We hold in our hearts baby Evan who passed shortly after birth and for the sorrows we felt through miscarriages and dreams that haven’t yet come true. We honor a beautiful pair of sisters who both have losses yet celebrate sister Anna who gave birth to her rainbow baby just 11 months ago and is now pregnant and is carrying (growing, nurturing and loving) her sister Beth’s rainbow baby.”

Rainbow pregnancies honor loss

Her powerful post concludes, “The power of love and family is incredible. So once again, it is my honor to capture these moments in time as I sit here with teary eyes knowing how much this all means to not only us, but to women and their families around the world.”

Here’s a video that shares more about each of the eight women’s stories of loss and hope as they await the births of their rainbow babies.

Rainbow Maternity 2017 -From Labor to Love from CT Maternity, Birth, Newborn on Vimeo.

Each story is unique, each story is painful, just as every loss mom’s journey is different and deeply personal.

Rainbow pregnancy following loss

What all of our stories have in common: Through the agony and darkness, we must find hope. For some of us, that hope means the promise of a new baby, a new life. To celebrate and love, but with the knowledge that this baby we dream of, would never have come to us without that baby we lost, and will always cherish.

Finding hope, whatever that means to each mom who has suffered a loss, is a daily struggle. During Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month, I urge people to support moms who are working hard to cling to hope in the midst of their pain.

Rainbow moms-to-be post-loss

If you are a loss mom, know that you are not alone. And if you have not personally experienced loss, but you know someone who has, be there for that person. In big ways and in small. We need all the help and love and encouragement we can get.

Thanks to JoAnn Marrero for sharing these images, which help moms like me feel more hopeful post-loss. Of course, as she told BabyCenter, the photo shoot meant everything to the moms who participated. “They all cried and made new friendships through our four hours together.”

The photographer also shared with us, “All have suffered miscarriage and Kimberly’s son Evan passed away eight hours after birth from HIE as he was deprived of oxygen during birth.”

Rainbow mom who suffered heartbreaking loss

“The shoot was 100 percent complimentary,” Marrero also told us. “[The moms] all had 15-minute prenatal massages, hair and makeup and a 15-minute individual portrait session with me prior to the group shots.”

I can’t help but smile envisioning these moms getting pampered, something they very much deserve! Here’s wishing each of these moms, and all the others out there, so much more happiness, support, and love.

What gave you hope post-loss?

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