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Parenting is an adventure for new BabyCenter vloggers, We're the Kahlers


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Hello! We are the Kahlers. I’m Kelly, and my husband is Paul. We have a 2-year-old daughter Dree and 6-month-old twins named Pencey (girl), and Rowley (boy). We live in Orange County, California.

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new video series starring our family on BabyCenter’s YouTube channel, starting Thursday, December 21, with new videos each week.

Here is the first video:

I’m a homemaker and feel super blessed that I can stay home with my babies. Lately when I’m home you can find me writing down every feeding, and nap for the twins, and playing with Dree in between nursing, naps, and diaper changes. Dree loves her siblings and is a big help for being just 2 years old.

Paul has been in the filmmaking industry for five years. We got our first camera on Christmas 2010, the year we got married. We used that camera to document our vacations and fun little trips. From there on, the idea of Paul becoming a filmmaker was sparked. Fast forward to having kids– we continued to document our firstborn’s life and it turned into vlogging.

Paul and I met through mutual friends. We were both super young and making a lot of bad decisions. After five months of hanging out, I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ and stopped hanging out with Paul. Six months later, Paul got sober and I was his only friend he knew who was also sober.

After spending a summer together, Paul became a Christian as well. We got engaged in September, 2009, and then married in May 2010. Paul wanted to be a young dad, and we knew we wanted kids in the future, but not right away.

When we had Dree in 2015, we loved every part of being new parents. We never viewed having our first child as challenging or hard; it was a blessing and always fun to take her on adventures with us.

Our life definitely changed when Pencey and Rowley were born in June 2017. The first 5 months were harder than we expected but, thankfully, we got a lot of help from family. Traveling with the twins is way harder than we expected. Sometimes my parents come with us on the flights. We’re still just trying to figure it all out.

Being parents has its challenging moments, like when the children are sick and not sleeping at night. It takes work to balance a healthy marriage, raising kids and managing a household.

But there are so many rewards involved with raising children. It’s the small things they do. It’s in watching them grow, and realizing what a blessing God has given us. It’s really cool to see Dree with her younger brother and sister. If they are crying she rushes over and tells them it’s OK, brings in a toy or a blanket something for them to feel comforted by, or even sings them songs.

I love seeing how the twins learn things at their own pace even though they are the same age. It’s so nice watching the twins learn to sit up, roll over, laugh, and grow through each stage.

We love making videos for our YouTube channel, We’re the Kahler’s. We love telling stories and sharing our perspective of life through a camera lens.

We, the Kahlers, are a family who loves going to the beach and traveling as much as we can.  A healthy, active lifestyle is super important to us. What else can we tell you? Here’s a list of the top 5 things we love: Jesus, family, traveling, the beach, organic food! Our YouTube Channel,  We’re the Kahlers, has received 2,700,069 views. Follow Kelly and Paul on Instagram.

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