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Our Journey to I Do: I’m Dreaming of a Theme

Our engagement in Colorado ended up inspiring our wedding theme. Since my fiancé, John, got down on one knee in the brisk chill of January, I thought, what could be more fitting than a winter wonderland celebration? I envisioned flocked pine trees, white rose bouquets accented with greenery and pinecones, fluffy fur shawls, and wintry accents at every corner. It would be an ode to my new last name—White—and our romantic engagement in the mountains.

We also decided on a wedding date almost exactly a year to the date of our engagement. One benefit to a January celebration is that it falls outside the typical wedding season, which can help keep costs down if you’re looking to stick to a budget. Not only that, but the weather that time of year will certainly fit our theme. It did rule out an outdoor stroll down the aisle, but I was happy to oblige; lady luck and I have never been the closest of friends, and I was almost certain my big day would be a lightning rod for storms anyway.

A frosty January wedding day also let me stick to my personal color wheel. I love cool colors like dusty baby blue, muted lavender, emerald green, silver, and gray; a palette that could paint the dreamy skies and lush forests of the season. I want our guests to step into the venue and be swept away by our unique love story.

In my next entry, I’ll take you along as I hunt for the perfect venue to suit my vision.

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