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Now pregnant moms can register for pizza… no, really

Now pregnant moms can register for pizza… no, really


Melissa Willets

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When I was pregnant for the first time, I registered for a car seat, a stroller, burp cloths and a baby swing. Apparently, that is so passé. Because now, pregnant moms can register for Domino’s pizza. Seriously.

Introducing Domino’s Baby Registry, where parents are invited to sign up to receive meals for every occasion from their babies sleeping through the night, to a baby shower, to a gender reveal. It’s not just slices hungry and “hangry” moms and dads can register for. Believe it or not, Domino’s registry also features maternity and baby clothes, like mini-pepperoni pizza moccasins. Other items on the registry include mugs, cups, and party decor.

New moms can register for pizza

You have to really, really love pizza if you register for pies instead of a breast pump. Or, maybe you already have all the baby swag you need, and home delivery of a hot, fresh meal is more practical than getting a bunch of blankets you don’t need.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first registry Domino’s launched. One can also create a wedding registry for pizza and breadsticks, among other marital must-haves.

We reached out to Domino’s to find out how popular their unconventional, yet completely sensible baby registry is. Jenny Fouracre, Director of Public Relations, told BabyCenter via email, “Since the registry just launched [Wednesday] we don’t have any metrics yet on how many people have registered.” She added about the inspiration for the idea, “We had great success with our wedding registry, which we launched back in February, so launching a baby registry was the next logical step.”

Fouracre also told BabyCenter, “The fun of this registry is that it’s focused on something the parents can use – a hot meal, delivered to their door, during a fun but hectic time of their life.” We can all agree that welcoming a new baby can shake things up a bit! And may mean you don’t have time to cook, let alone eat.

What I like about this registry is how creative Domino’s got with the names of its packages. From the “Pregnancy Pack,” to the “Last Supper,” for before baby arrives, to the “Date Night at Home,” if nothing else, browsing Domino’s baby registry feels relatable and will inspire a few laughs.

Pregnant with pizza

But not being a pizza lover myself (lactose intolerance), I personally wouldn’t be partaking in a Domino’s registry.

If you want to set up a pizza baby registry, all you need to do is visit the site, select the gifts you want, and share the list with your family and friends. All gifts will be delivered via an eGift card to your inbox.

Happy noshing!

Would you sign up for a pizza registry instead of a traditional baby registry?

Photos: Domino’s and iStock

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