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The No 1 Cheapest Insurance and The Best Investment EVER! #ProjectFit

Invest in you


You should look after yourself. It seems so obvious but do we do it? Do we have time? I wrote down everything I ate in a single week. Result:

– 70% of my intake gave little to no nutritional value. Crap basically. Do I care? No, not really. I have a lot of stress in my life and I don’t drink or smoke. So my diet is my vice. No matter how hard I try I cannot seem to motivate myself to correct it. In fact, my thinking (when I think about it) is totally ridiculous i.e. “I will start my diet tomorrow” or “I don’t look that fat” or “I feel sorry for myself and deserve this (cake)”. My brain is the reason I am overweight. The skill it has in making excuses to stay unfit is phenomenal. Clearly, I can’t motivate myself, for myself.

Today I was online trying to get car insurance quotes. I realised we insure our cars, homes, holidays and pets. Even the bloody windscreen has insurance. And for the most part, we look after that stuff. I don’t have any life insurance – that’s not good I know – my excuse? It’s too expensive and cheap cover will never pay out. Yet I seemly have an unlimited budget to maintain a crap unhealthy diet.

Then I thought about my children. They eat way better than me. I eyeball everything they eat. In fact, I buy and cook it. Yet my own diet is rubbish! Crazy.

My BMI is 30%. I am obese. I have gym clothes that are almost fossilised into my draw. I tried them on today. After almost convincing myself I look ok, I faced the truth, I am too big for them. If they had a weight limit I’d be banned from wearing them. My brain very quickly came up with: “Well, you can’t do any exercise wearing that stuff, next time there is a sale we will get you some new gym stuff, ok?’ And I fell for it. No wonder I am fat and single with thinking like this!

Back to my children. I realised a fat unfit dad is not much good. The kids need me. They love me. They look up to me and want me to be there for them. Today and tomorrow. So what sort of example am I setting? I owe it to the kids to be the best healthy daddy I can. They have got bikes, scooters, trainers, PE kits etc Me? I can barely tie my own shoe laces! A bike? My excuse: unless it has an armchair for a seat I know I’d get saddle sore. Then I stopped thinking like a comedienne and thought what is it going to take for you to look after yourself properly? Answer: my children. I will do it for them.

So from tomorrow (shut up) I am going to invest my shit diet budget in a healthy me and start #ProjectFit. I going to publish my journey for you all to see. Hopefully, some of you will join in? See the black button below ⇓ called #ProjectFit? click on that to see all my updates. I will post weekly round ups of my weight, exercise, water intake, supplements and diet overview. I reckon I need to drop 60lbs. Go Paulie!!

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