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Newborn baby saved during Hurricane Harvey photographed on rescue boat


Melissa Willets

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A baby, appropriately named Hope, who was rescued during Hurricane Harvey when she was just 10 days old, was recently photographed on the very boat that saved her from potential devastation. Southwest Louisiana photographer Noelle Mills captured the inspiring and meaningful shots, and gifted them to the family, who we can thankfully report, is now safe and sound back in their home.

baby rescued during Hurricane Harvey

“The shoot was the idea of my dear friend Katy Sanford. Her husband Cris and his brother Clint rescued the family,” Noelle told us. The boat rescue took place as water crept up their street toward their home. Hope and her family were taken to a shelter in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

“They ended up staying in one of their other friend’s home while in Lake Charles,” Noelle said. “While visiting with the family Katy asked Emily (Hope’s mother) if she had any newborn photos of her. Emily said they hadn’t thought about it but had a couple snapshots of her in the hospital.”

That’s when Katy contacted Noelle, who immediately said yes to photographing baby Hope as a gift for her family. “Katy mentioned incorporating the boat and that’s when my imagination went wild. [The photos] came out exactly as I had envisioned them,” she said.

Hurricane Harvey baby

We asked for an update on how the family is doing in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane. “Hope and her family are doing very well,” Noelle said, adding, “They are one of the very few homes that were spared in Orange, Texas. They are now adjusting to life with a newborn.”

She says that she hopes people will see these photos of Hope and, of course, believe in hope! “Also, you are never too busy to help someone out. However you can. It doesn’t have to be with traditional measures, use whatever gifts you have to give back.”

All photos used with permission of Noelle Mills Photography. Find her on Facebook.

What do you take away from these unique and uplifting images?

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