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Coping With Morning, Noon and Night Sickness and Nausea During Pregnancy

Morning sickness during pregnancy

Morning sickness can be one of your first signs that you are pregnant. This does not always mean that youíll get sick only in the morning. It can happen, morning, noon or night.

It will normally occur in the first trimester of your pregnancy and end by the second, this is not the case in all pregnancies. Some women will continue with it until the very end of the term.

Nausea can happen immediately or you may get lucky and have no morning sickness at all. No one is certain what causes morning sickness, it is a change in the body that happens during pregnancy. Many women seem to get sick after taking the prenatal pill. Your doctor may advise you to take some other form of vitamin instead of the pill. Always find out first with your doctor before taking anything new or taking yourself off medication, even prenatal pills.

There are a few ways to minimise the sickness, but they obviously do not work for everyone. Try drinking some ginger ale, apparently, it calms the stomach down. Dry cereal is another food to try, as your stomach may just be a little bit hungry and trying to tell you. Remember to take small portions, this way you know if it is all going to come up or not. Keep yourself hydrated, as you can become dehydrated and need hospital treatment if you are not careful.

Smell is something else that seems to cause morning sickness. Imagine walking into a restaurant and the first thing you smell is grease. Yes, this can easily set it off. Bad smells and even certain tastes. Get a feel for your body and figure out what sets off the sickness.

Try slowing down, sometimes your body is just exhausted from all the errands you are running and it tries to give you a break. Listen to your body, take a nap and relax. Pregnancy is a special journey and something you will remember forever.

You should go to your doctor if you begin losing weight because you are constantly sick. If you become dehydrated, faint, look pale, confused or throw up more than four times in a day – speak to your doctor. Do not take chances. Your doctor may be able to prescribe something that will help ease or stop it.

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