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Madison White and Alistair Mather’s Nuptials Were A Scotland-Inspired Affair

If Alistair Mather hadn’t crashed Madison White’s birthday brunch at Saint Ann’s with a mutual friend, the two might not have met. Luckily they did, and sparks flew. A month later, the pair went on their first date in Trinity Groves and shared a kiss on Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. “I know, I kissed on the first date,” jokes Madison. “I blame it on the Scottish accent!”

Almost two years later, Alistair got a call from his dad to gauge his interest in working with the family business back home. That prompted the first of two questions for Madison: For starters, would she be willing to move to Scotland with him? Madison expected a proposal would come following the move, but she was delightfully surprised when Alistair got down on one knee in the same spot where they shared their first kiss (which explained their two friends, mysteriously “running late for dinner,” who were snapping pics from a hiding spot). The answer to both, of course, was a resounding yes— but not before a proper American wedding as a sendoff.

The Joule served as the perfect “simple but not boring” backdrop to their wedding on August 8, 2018, which brought together loved ones from around the world. “It was the first venue I toured, and I immediately knew it was exactly what I wanted,” Madison says. Knowing the men would wear either tartan trousers or kilts (Alistair’s two American groomsmen were quick to ask “do we get to wear the man skirts?”), the bride opted for a soft, neutral palette of gray, white, and barely-there pink to accent the bold plaids. “I knew the Scottish vibe was really going to stand out, so I wanted to keep all the other decorations simple and elegant and really let the Scottish heritage have its moment,” she says.


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