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Looking Back: Missy Rogers Peck and Tim Peck’s Wedding was a Party to Remember

Looking Back: Missy Rogers Peck and Tim Peck’s Wedding was a Party to Remember

If you are in the midst of planning—or re-planning—a wedding during COVID-19, when frustrations arise, remember to pause, take a step back, and focus on what is truly important. Missy and Tim Peck were married in 2015 and recall that while some memories of their special day are a blur, what stands out most are the details they lovingly chose—from small and personal to lavish and fun—to celebrate their new life together.

Missy Rogers and Tim Peck dated four years before Tim proposed in 2014 in Aspen, Colorado. Missy, a Dallas events planner (missyRSVP), naturally started thinking about the big day right away and knew the first thing on any wedding to-do list is booking the venue. Fortunately for Missy, her mother and sister already knew the engagement was taking place, so they put the church on hold for May 16, 2015, before she ever said “yes!”

Looking back, what Missy remembers most about the wedding and reception is appreciating its meaning—that the wedding itself is just one day, but the marriage is forever. “The day is about no one else but you and your partner,” she says. “We sometimes get so wrapped up in what others will think, and the most important thing is that the event is meaningful to both of you.”

One of the most meaningful aspects of their wedding was having the reception at Missy’s parents’ home, which was directly across the street from the church where they exchanged vows. (Definitely a takeaway for weddings and receptions of all sizes during COVID-19.) Because Todd Events was busy at the home tending to every last detail for the reception, Missy and her bridesmaids got ready at The Joule’s (the reception’s caterer) penthouse. Missy and Tim broke tradition and decided to see each other at her parents’ home right before the ceremony—a special shared moment. As guests were arriving at the church, the bride and groom and their families walked across the street while one of the children in the wedding party rang silver bills to signal that the bride was arriving and would soon walk down the aisle.

“After a short but sweet ceremony and kiss with Tim, it was time to party,” Missy recalls. “We had our band, Chinatown, lead all our guests across the street to the house; we stopped traffic on University Boulevard! When we walked into the house, I remember my breath catching in my throat seeing my family’s home all set up. It was magical. I felt like I was floating the entire night. The band was actually floating, as they were set on a plexiglass dance floor and stage over the pool. Everyone danced, ate, and toasted until midnight when we had a traditional, albeit, faux send-off. We drove down the street and came back to party. Everyone was then invited inside where DJ Lucy Wrubel was set up at the top of the curved staircase landing for the after-party.” The party ended at 3:30 a.m.—not necessarily because everyone was tired, but because a giant rainstorm came through. “It was pouring buckets,” Missy says. “A magical ending, indeed.”

Because Missy and Tim had been in several weddings and attended more than they could count, they recognized the importance of being surrounded by family and friends. Although their guest list of 250 people may not meet COVID-19 restrictions any time soon, they borrowed a tip from a friend to help them make guest list decisions. “Someone once told me that if you wouldn’t take the guests in question out for a night and pay for everything, then don’t invite them,” Missy says.

Missy leaned on her passion for parties and experience in event planning to craft a dream wedding with Todd Events that was “sophisticated and timeless, without being stuffy.” Pandemic or no pandemic, most weddings run into some sort of obstacle, and Missy and Tim’s wedding was no exception. One occurred only 10 days before the wedding when they found out the seated dinner that was planned to take place under a large tent in the home’s front yard was not allowed by the City of University Park. The entire floorplan had to be reworked, and the catering menu was changed. Little details Missy fell in love with, such as the place cards and menus, could no longer be used. “All our vendors were wonderful handling this pivot, and it ended up being a blessing in disguise because the party was more fun without a seated dinner. Todd Events surprised us by setting up a seated dinner for just the two of us in my dad’s office with the china, place cards, menus, and the exact meal we would have had. It was the best way to spend a few moments with Tim, taking it all in, as the Dallas String Quartet serenaded our guests while they had cocktails, sipped from the champagne tower, and imbibed on watermelon juice tequila cocktails!”

Whatever the size or style a wedding may be, Missy the Bride and Missy the Events Planner believes “the devil is in the details.” She loved the small, yet impactful details that were weaved into her wedding, such as the hot pink Dior shoes given to her by a friend to wear down the aisle. Missy still raves about the butterflies on the save-the-date cards and the live butterflies floating around after the ceremony—a nod to her artful grandmother—and live birds fluttering around a large antique cage at the reception, a nod to Tim’s bird-loving family. Hand-rolled sushi for the guests and a giant floating peony chandelier above the dance floor are other memorable details the couple and their guests fondly recall today. “These elements are what made the day so memorable,” Missy recalls.

No matter how much planning goes into a wedding, there are some things that cannot be controlled—something so many engaged couples are learning during this COVID-19 pandemic. While the Pecks’ wedding was artfully planned, they couldn’t control the Texas weather. It rained for 25 days straight in Dallas before their wedding day, and the chance of rain that day was 75 percent. Missy and Tim decided to stay positive and trust that everything would work out. Minutes before the ceremony, the clouds parted, and the sun was shining. Even with the threat of rain, uncomfortable humidity, and last-minute reception change, they look back on it as one of the best days of their lives. “I knew it would be such a memorable day and night, but I wasn’t prepared to see all the loving faces of our friends and family so happy to join us in this special time in our lives,” Missy says. “I wanted everyone to celebrate and have fun. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a party!”

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