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Lipstick Shades For Your Big Day

We polled local makeup artists Gabby Rosenberg, Michael Thomas, Rocio Vielma, Lisa Williams, and Al Tidwell for the lipstick shades they keep in their wedding-day beauty kits. Check the gallery for the results, and before you go applying those hues, take note of the tips they dropped below.

Rule 1

“It is important in the use of any lip brand to prep accordingly for a long-lasting effect. Moisturize, apply foundation or concealer, then apply lip liner followed by lip color, preferably with a lip brush.” —Vielma

Rule 2

“Choose a foundation that offers coverage but has a natural finish. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation offers an excellent range of 30 shades for every skin tone.” —Thomas

Rule 3

“Instead of matte or glossy, go with a beautiful cream like Audacious lipsticks from Nars.” —Rosenberg

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