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Lacy Montgomery and Maggie Watson Trade Cape Cod for the Courthouse

Lacy Montgomery and Maggie Watson
October 4, 2020

When childhood acquaintances Lacy Montgomery and Maggie Watson reconnected via Instagram, they quickly bonded over a love of food, swapping cooking tips and Whole30 recipes. Maggie was living in California at the time, so their relationship blossomed over evenings spent making dinner together from 1,500 miles away. When Maggie packed up her Jetta to move home, Lacy hopped on a plane to join her for the ride—and 10 months and hers-and-hers proposals later, they were engaged. They planned an October 4, 2020 wedding in Cape Cod, where Maggie grew up visiting her grandparents, but decided to postpone until May in light of COVID-19. As their original wedding date approached, Maggie thought, “We can’t let this day go by without it being special,” so she found a judge who would marry them on a Sunday. Though they each secretly arranged surprises for the other—a vintage getaway car (Maggie) and a photographer (Lacy)—what was most unexpected was the emotion of their three-person courthouse ceremony. “In planning a wedding, it feels like the wedding is the end goal,” Lacy says. “What was so beautiful for me was the almost surprising realization that our marriage is the beginning.”

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