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If you're in your final weeks of pregnancy, do these 6 things now

If you're in your final weeks of pregnancy, do these 6 things now


Jamie Reed

posted in Pregnancy

I was several weeks into my third trimester when things started getting real. Clearly I know I’m having a baby, but this once-hazy view of impending motherhood that seemed so far away (9 months used to be a lot longer!) is now looking me right in the eye. Am I ready? No way.

There are the obvious things we need to do to prepare for baby’s arrival: packing our bag for the hospital, installing the car seat, and making sure baby has a place to sleep. But here are a few things to do in your last weeks of pregnancy you might not have thought of.

pregnant woman eating - things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy

1. Pick out a going home outfit for your baby

Don’t forget while you’re packing your own bag and grabbing clothing to wear home from the hospital that your baby will need something for the ride home as well! Not to mention all the photos you (and the grandparents) will be taking. With so many tiny and adorable outfits to pick from, this might be a tough choice!

baby boy and baby girl outfit - last weeks of pregnancy

Since I don’t know what I’m having I decided to grab two outfits to take to the hospital with me. 

2. Make sure your gas tank is full

I am one of those people whose gas tank is almost always on empty. (I’m sure there have been psychological studies done that explain this personality trait.) Considering I’m at least a 45 minute drive from the hospital I’d rather not have to stop off at a gas station on the way to give birth, thank you. I think I’ll institute at least a half tank rule for us for the coming weeks!

3. Clean up your phone storage

iPhone storage full - things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy

The worst.

If you’re prone to getting those friendly pop up notices on your phone alerting you to your lack of storage, you’re going to want to take care of this before you get to the hospital. You’ll definitely want to snap some photos and videos of your new bundle of joy and nothing ruins a perfect photo memory like not being able to take it! Delete unnecessary apps, back up your old photos elsewhere, whatever it takes to make room for your baby. And if you’re planning on ditching your phone camera for your actual camera, make sure your battery is charged!

4. Have a food plan

I have friends who have spent the days leading up to birth preparing freezer meals to get them through the first few weeks postpartum. This sounds like a good idea for some, but I’m thinking for me a better idea is to have family and friends lined up to feed us! (Mom, I hope you’re reading this.) Whatever works, right? I do plan to do some grocery shopping in the coming days to stock up on pantry staples, snacks, and supplies to keep us covered at least for the first couple of weeks at home with the baby.

5. Get a manicure

woman getting manicure - things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy

A few years ago I saw a college friend’s birth announcement on Facebook and while I commented with my congratulations, I saw other women I knew (who were moms) commenting on her manicure. They all agreed it was so smart to get your nails done before the baby arrived because your hands would be in so many photos. While getting your nails done may not seem like a necessary to-do when it comes to preparing for labor I do think that after the trauma of childbirth, maybe it can help you feel a little more like yourself. And you’re probably going to be ready for that!

6. Nothing

That’s right. Take time to do nothing. From what I hear, babies require a lot of attention so my days of being able to take an unplanned nap may be numbered! As someone who likes to keep busy I’m trying to make myself slow down, enjoy flipping through a magazine or watching a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie, just because I can! Life is about to become a little more hectic so I need to enjoy the moments of rest and relaxation while I can!

What other things do you plan to do in your last weeks of pregnancy?

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