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I found a new BFF when I had kids

I found a new BFF when I had kids


Lani Derrick

posted in Parenting

When I had my first child I was so excited to embrace motherhood, but determined that nothing was going to slow me down. Having a baby wasn’t going to hold us back from canoe trips, hiking, adventurous international travel…you get the picture.

Fast-forward three years, and now I’ve got two awesome kids. We still do a lot of fun stuff, but as most parents will agree, it can be hard to take them places — even the grocery store! But Walmart makes shopping so easy, it’s become my BFF.

Our local store offers in-store pickup* which I used just a few weeks ago for a new car seat. I did my product research online, ordered from, and when I arrived at the store, my new seat was right there waiting for me. It cut my shopping time down to a fraction and made for a happy mama.

Since baby number 2 arrived, shopping isn’t the only things that has changed for this mom. I’ve also worked hard to become more relaxed about a lot of things as well as be more frugal in my purchases because, hello! two kids are expensive! When I had our first-born, I was hardcore particular about diaper brands. I picked one and stayed with it for years. When my second baby showed up though, that brand didn’t work for her. Being a preemie she had the tiniest of hips; I couldn’t find diapers that fit well and didn’t leak everywhere, and I tried every brand I could find.

But when I opened a package of my new bestie’s Parent’s Choice diapers it was like the angels were singing! Perfection, and no more wet leaks. Can’t go wrong with spending less and getting the same great quality Since they are priced so well, I usually buy several cases at a time for much less than I’d pay for name-brand diapers. Which makes my attempts at being more frugal a reality! When I’m stocking up I could overflow the shopping cart and where would I put the kids and the diapers?!? So I have them sent straight to the house, since Walmart offers 2-day free shipping* with no membership required. BONUS: The giant box freaks my husband out and makes him question what I’ve been shopping for, while my preschooler loves to use them for everything from forts to rocket ships.

Last week I had a growing list of things I needed from the store. I had zero desire to pack the kids up and brave the holiday shopping crowds that fill the stores from now until the New Year. I needed diapers, muffin mix, and a movie for a road trip we’re going on soon. I decided that I would stock up on diapers and go ahead and ordered it all online. Another successful shopping trip with

For these reasons and others, Walmart and I have become pretty tight. I can buy almost anything I can think of either in-store or online. There are tons of items (like the car seat) that I can order and then pick up in-store**, while items I can’t or don’t want to pick up can be shipped free to my house. Oh, and did I mention curbside grocery pickup*** for those days that the baby falls asleep in the car but I have to get a few things for dinner, plus diapers and wipes? Life-changing, y’all!

What makes your life easier as a new mom?

*Free shipping within 2 business days on orders placed before 2pm, excluding weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35. Not available in AK, HI, PR.
**Pickup Discount available on eligible items. Not available in AK, HI, PR. Restrictions apply.
***Online grocery ordering not available in all areas. Check website to see if it’s at a store near you.

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