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Hold up. Hospital door decorations are a thing?

Hold up. Hospital door decorations are a thing?


Sara McGinnis

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Here’s something to consider adding to your hospital bag packing list: door decor.

Though I’ve never personally seen a hospital door decorated in pink or blue (or any other theme at all, actually), a growing trend is to share the joy of your newborn’s arrival with hallway passersby.

hospital door decor

Hospital door decorations have recently been a topic of conversation in the BabyCenter Community, but when member Brandy7876 asked who else is planning to do one it became evident I’m not the only who isn’t familiar with them.

“I think this is a regional thing,” Tuffyluvr shared. “I’ve never known anyone to do it in real life…but I saw it all over my last birth board.”

Moms from California (“I am on my 6th baby and have never seen anything like this”) and Michigan chimed in to say they’d never seen door decor for a birth, but one fellow Southern mom chimed in to share, “I won’t have one on my door this time, it is just one more thing we have to pack up and take home with us post-baby, but we did have a BIG announcement wreath on our door at home. I’ll do that again.”

Brandy7876 went on to clarify, “I’m in Mississippi and these have always been around at all the hospitals. I remember seeing them when I was a child visiting people. Some mommas get really competitive with them too. It’s crazy. I’m truly surprised that so many of y’all haven’t heard of this though.”

hospital door decoration

First Sip and Sees, now door decor — what’s with the South having entirely different pregnancy and baby traditions than the rest of us? Also, what else is going on with “y’all” the rest of the country hasn’t yet encountered?!

For what it’s worth, moms who’ve purchased decorative announcements for the hospital through Etsy seem thrilled with the tradition.

One mom wrote a review that gushed to seller fortheglorydesigns, “Just wanted to let you know we were the talk of the hospital with our door hanger you made! Everyone loved it and wanted to know where I got it!!”

Have you seen any hospital door decorations? Are you interested in having one?

Images via Etsy/fortheglorydesigns

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