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Got morning sickness? Don't brush your teeth right after puking

Got morning sickness? Don't brush your teeth right after puking


Sara McGinnis

posted in Pregnancy

There’s nothing like the never-ending hangover that is morning sickness to make a woman yearn to just feel normal again. Should you go beyond simply nauseated and actually vomit, you’ll understandably be desperate to brush your teeth — but it turns out an immediate scrub is a terrible idea.

Here’s why:

When you vomit, the gastric acid from your stomach enters your mouth, where it isn’t meant to be. Your teeth are not designed to withstand gastric acids.

Most people can wrap their minds around that part, but mistakenly assume brushing is the best way to get the acid out. Unfortunately it’s more complicated than that.

When the acid passes through your mouth as you vomit it erodes tooth enamel, which is the hard covering that protects your teeth from damage. Brushing that softened enamel erodes it, making it thinner and leaving your teeth more vulnerable to damage than before.

The goal is to get the acid out without losing that precious enamel.

Here’s what you can do:

Resist the urge to brush! Instead, rinse your mouth with a mixture of baking soda (which helps to neutralize the acid) and water. Use plain water if baking soda isn’t available. If rinsing isn’t enough to help you feel refreshed try using a tongue cleaner.

Do not brush your teeth for at least an hour.

When you do brush, use a soft or extra soft brush that will be gentle on your enamel.

Floss regularly, drink water, avoid highly acidic drinks (fruit juices and soda just to name a few) and talk to your dentist.

With everything else going on during pregnancy it can be tempting to push off that trip to the dentist, but it certainly won’t be any easier going with a newborn in tow. Happy, healthy pregnancy wishes to you all!

How bad was morning sickness for you? Did you know about waiting to brush your teeth?

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