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Five Details Not to Forget on Your Wedding Day

Through the hustle and bustle of planning your wedding, sometimes minor details get overlooked. Managing to remember these five elements will ensure your big day goes off without a hitch.

Decorating the Bathroom at the Reception

The focal points of any wedding are the bride, her dress, and the venue. We bet you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money agonizing over every little detail regarding decorations for the ceremony and reception. What you haven’t thought of, however, are the bathrooms. While it may sound unimportant, an on-theme bathroom makes all the difference in the experience of guests. Simple flowers, personalized hand towels and soaps go a long way. Go the extra mile by adding additional signage or photos to the bathrooms.

Cake To-Go Boxes

Whether you’re going the traditional route and ordering a wedding cake or taking your own path and providing a dessert bar, none of it should go to waste. To-go boxes ensure guests get to enjoy the dessert and have leftovers to take home if they were too busy drinking and dancing to think about sitting and eating.

Handwritten Notes

To go along with your place settings, take the time to write short personalized notes to each of your guests, just as Lauren King and Matt Peisker did for their day. While this may sound tedious and time consuming, the gesture makes your guests feel welcome and appreciated.  

Kids’ Table

Kids at weddings can be distracting. The fussing and fidgeting takes the focus off of you and your big day. You may not be able to imagine your wedding without children, in which case you need to designate an area armed with paper, crayons, and snacks to keep them occupied. They’ll have a great time, and so will the rest of your guests.


The friends and family who showed up to celebrate you deserve to have a good time. That can be hard to do when they’ve been standing and walking in uncomfortable shoes for the majority of the day. If you want people to spend their time dancing, alleviate their pain by offering them slippers.

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