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Family of 6: Yes, they're all mine!

Family of 6: Yes, they're all mine!


Ashleigh Evans

posted in Parenting

When I was pregnant last summer, I had a little glimpse of what was ahead. Everyone kept stopping my family while we were out and about to comment on our life or touch my belly. It was like we were a circus show, waiting to entertain people in the grocery store.

Evans Family of 6! via @BabyCenter & @DashOfEvans

Once I had Liam, I didn’t really get as many comments because we never went out as a family at first. I would run quickly to grab milk and necessities, or my husband Ricky would go after work. If Liam was out shopping with me, it would just be the two of us after dropping off the girls at school.

Then our long Christmas break hit.

Can you guess how many comments I average in a single outing with my 4 kids? SIX. About six people stop us to give us their opinion. I still can’t figure out why…especially since they’re never offering a hand to hold the door or help unload my cart into the van. Actually, a nice gentleman allowed the door to slam in my face the other day as I struggled to maneuver the stroller through the mall doors. Thanks, sir!

Here are some acceptable things you can say to a large family you see in public…instead of “your hands are SO FULL”: nothing. Yup, nada. Go ahead and think what you want…but keep it to yourself.

My favorite gems:

    Your hands are SO FULL. FOUR! (woman laughs…then walks away)
    Wow! (counts children) FOUR! Are they all yours? (turns to husband) Are they all YOURS, too?
    I see why your grocery cart is full, you have SO many kids!
    How can you afford to shop for SO many kids? You must love the Kohl’s sales!
    I don’t know how you can watch all of these kids! Their parents must be paying you the big bucks! (I never got this one….why oh why would a nanny take 4 kids to the grocery store?!)

Calling all parents with larger families: what’s the craziest comment you’ve gotten?

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