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Exercises For Your Wedding-Dress Silhouette

Exercises For Your Wedding-Dress Silhouette

Katherine Bahlburg, trainer and owner of wedding fitness studio Bells and Barbells, gives four moves to shape your best assets.


Wedding Day workout for legs

Body weight tempo squats: As you lower, keep your weight in your heels as your knees follow the same line as your toes. Squeeze your booty tightly as you return back to standing position. Four sets of 10 reps.


Wedding Day workout for arms

Traditional bicep curls: Hold dumbbells in your hands with knuckles facing forward. Quickly curl upward, and do a two- to three-second slow count as you descend back to starting position. 10-15 reps.


Wedding Day workout for back and shoulders

Standing rear deltoid fly: Bend at the waist with arms hanging down, holding dumbbells. Keeping elbows slightly bent, raise arms out to the side until they reach shoulder height. Squeeze shoulder blades; pause for three seconds. Three sets of 30 seconds.


Wedding Day workout for butts

Frog pumps: Lying down, place the soles of your feet together with your knees bent and butterflied out. Keeping your arms on the ground for stability, press your hips up into the air, squeeze the glutes, and hold for two to three seconds. 20 reps.

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