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Designer Oksana Farbatyuk Brings Romance to the Maria Farbinni Bridal Couture Label

Oksana Farbatyuk, the designer behind the Maria Farbinni bridal couture label, made a personal appearance at Stanley Korshak Bridal during the brand’s trunk show on Saturday, March 9.

The trunk show included pieces from the 2019 collection as well as the 2020 collection, which will debut next month at New York Bridal Fashion Week. Previews like this help the designer have an idea of how brides will react to the collection. “It doesn’t matter how much we love them; the most important part is if the brides love them. We really want to see them on the real brides first,” Farbatyuk said.

D Weddings sat down with Farbatyuk, who—via her sales representative and translator, Regina Watts—told us more about her roots, her designs, her inspirations, and her best bridal advice.

Where are you from and how did you get into designing wedding gowns?

I’m from the Ukraine originally and came to New York about five years ago. In the Ukraine, I [got into designing] because my mom was a seamstress.

Ukrainian and European style in general is very different. Five years ago, [when I came to]  the US, I started to explore the market and figure out what the trends are now, and I started to move in this direction.

What is the main inspiration behind your designs?

The collection is very romantic, and the main inspiration comes from brides. We almost never skip any events or trunk shows, so we’re always there working with the brides. Listening [is] the most important thing. We always listen to what the demand is, to what they want now, what they’re looking for, what will make them look and feel really special. And that’s the main inspiration. The real bride. The real girl.

How would you describe a Maria Farbinni bride?

A traditional bride with a modern twist. We use a lot of beading, but at the same time it’s soft, and very delicate. All the beadwork is done by hand—everything is handsewn, so it’s the bride who knows the quality, who knows the fabrics, who appreciates all the beading and handworking on it.

And a very romantic bride. We have a few pieces that are sexy, but I think that mostly it’s a romantic bride—because it’s the only event in your life where you can be a princess and feel that. You can be sexy any day.

What is your go-to bridal accessory?

It depends on the dress, whether it’s a fitted one or a ball gown, whether it’s strapless or has sleeves. Sometimes the gown has a lot of work on it already. If it has the cuffs, if it has lace and everything, you don’t want to take away from the gown by using too many accessories. But depending on the style, sometimes it would be a tiara—a very gentle one. We don’t like rhinestones and stuff. They work for some styles, but we love pearls or something that is very, very gentle and soft.

When we do photo shoots, we collaborate with Maria Elena headpieces from Florida. They’re really unique, and we suit each other—our gowns and their collection.

What do you think we’re going to see next in bridal fashion?

Considering the fact that the fashion world goes back every 20 to 25 years, we might want to look back to the ’90s. Sleeves are coming back for sure. More and more brides are starting to ask for sleeves again—soft A-lines with the sleeves, lace, or little cap-sleeves off the shoulder.

What advice might you have for a bride picking out her wedding dress?

Not to consider other people’s opinions too much because it’s you who’s going to wear the dress, and everybody is going to have a different vision. I believe every person that you bring to the store will start to project their own ideas of a perfect dress on you because maybe they’ve had a wedding already, so they’re not going to have an opportunity again. Or maybe it’s not happening yet for them, so they want their dream to come true. But they don’t know you. It has to come from your soul. It has to come from your heart.

Also, you have to understand how your body works and how it’s going to fit you. Not every bride can wear a fitted gown, and not every bride is going to look good in an A-line or a huge ball gown or sleeves or strapless. So you have to understand what’s most flattering for your body—what cut is most flattering for you, and then you go from there. With bridal, you have to be aware. Those pictures—you are not going to delete them. They’re going to last for years. So cut is very, very important. It can be a very simple dress, but as long as it’s a good cut and good quality, you’re going to look amazing. 

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