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Dallas Registry Tips: Part One

Intense summers and mild winters; a little country, a little cosmopolitan; works hard, but plays harder; unmatched in spirit and pride. This is Dallas. The city that’s unlike any other in the country, so don’t create a registry that could work in any city. Create a registry that will make your life in Dallas easy and breezy (especially during those summer months). 

Today, we talked to local experts from the Ivy House to find out how to go about registering here in the Big D. Tune in for the following weeks for expert advice from other retailers and our very own editors. 

D Weddings: What items are must-haves from The Ivy House?

The Ivy House: Beautiful tableware—we are told over and over that we have the best selection in town. Tableware also goes beyond plates and wine glasses—it is the vases, napkins, placemats, serving ware, etc., that make entertaining fun and your table unique. 

DW: What tips can you give for registering for china and silver?


  • Don’t let price dictate your choices. You would rather have smaller quantities of what you love versus a mound of things that are just okay.
  • Take your time in making your selections.
  • Do not register for something that you do not want because you have been told that you have to have it.
  • Enjoy your china and crystal—do not wait for a special occasion to use it. We love following our former brides on social media and seeing them use their wedding gifts. We have seen them set a beautiful table and serve anything from Cornish game hens to Mexican food on their china. Make it a part of your life—life is short. 

DW: Say that when it comes time to register, a bride doesn’t know what her future home is going to look like. Does that matter? How would you direct a bride who is unsure of what vision she wants?

TIH: A well-appointed table will look beautiful in any home. The majority of the couples who register with us are starting their new home together from scratch and do not know what their future home will look like. We work with brides to find what they love—never settling—and can see themselves using in their married lives. 

DW: What is the process like?

TIH: It can be intimidating but once we start looking at patterns and set a table, the vision becomes clear. It is very popular to mix china patterns, which makes selecting their wedding china fun and a bit easier. They might pick a more simple gold or platinum rimmed plate and then pick a salad plate with a lot of pattern. Or if they love blue they might pick a blue bordered plate and coordinate it with another pattern that has some blue or complementary color. It is rare that couples choose all of the pieces in the same pattern. 

DW: How soon after the engagement would you recommend a bride register? 

TIH: We recommend registering before the save the date announcements go out. Having said that, it is never too soon. Brides often come in and preview before registering. We can’t tell you how many brides get engaged over the holidays and come in on December 26 to start looking at china and crystal without even having their wedding date set. 

DW: How is the Ivy House unique to Dallas? 

TIH: We stay abreast of trends while keeping a solid classic and timeless aesthetic. This gives couples a solid assortment from which to choose (and mix and match).This makes us the perfect store for a unique and decidedly personal registry—which is what we find the Dallas bride wants. 

DW: What tips might you offer a Dallas bride specifically? 

TIH: Embrace your style! Dallas brides are discerning whether they are classic, modern, or rustic. If you have heirloom china, crystal, or flatware that you love, incorporate it into your wedding registry selections to make it personal.

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