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Cristina Lynch Launches Mi Golondrina Collection Inspired by Her Wedding

The Backstory 

Donning the same Oscar de la Renta wedding gown her mother wore, Cristina Lynch, owner and founder of Dallas-based brand Mi Golondrina, took her turn down the aisle January 19, 2019. After a whirlwind engagement, she said “I do” to Collin Bird at St. Michael’s and All Angels Church, with the reception at her parents’ home. 

During the planning process, Cristina’s designer mind seldom retreated. Just as Mi Golondrina garments are made by Mexican artisans, the tablecloths and candles used at the reception were also artisan made. As Cristina saw these elements come to life in preparation for the wedding, inspiration struck and she began to envision a new Mi Golondrina collection.  

Called Flores de Noche, the collection dropped during the holiday season. 

While the textiles and candles initially struck Cristina, she used her entire wedding for inspiration. “It was the first time we were doing more artisan pieces in this very, very elegant evening, and I started to think about Mi Golondrina evening more…” she says. “I was really overwhelmed that night by the beauty of Mexico in one room at night, candlelit, and I just wanted to put that into a collection.”

Elements of Design 

Chic, “dramatic,” and a bit more neutral-hued than a usual Mi Golondrina collection, Flores de Noche includes black and navy pieces embroidered with either matte cotton thread or satin thread (which due to its slippery nature can actually cause the process to take more time). And because these pieces are intended for evening, Cristina was intentional about including festive touches, which led her to design the looks with multicolored floral embroidery. 

And the designs don’t stop there: A white blouse with gold thread, inspired by Cristina’s dress, the three mariachi bands present at the affair—and her own mariachi suit, which  she changed into at the reception—was just released. 

“On our inspiration board for this collection, there were a lot of silver and gold mariachi jewels, and that’s why we knew we had to use silk threads—just because [of] the shine of it all,” Cristina says.   

Wearing the Collection 

Although the collection includes various colors and silhouettes, Cristina says all the pieces can be complemented by two accessories: Mi Golondrina floral earrings and black booties.  

And even if your Mi Golondrina arsenal is well-stocked, Flores de Noche brings something a little new to the table. “Say you’re the customer that has the blue chambray with white embroidery dress. That’s one of our classics. I wear it with beige booties, white converse—you can take it to dinner out, and you can take it to the grocery store. That’s something I’ve always loved about that collection, is that you can wear it anywhere,” Cristina says. “I feel like Flores de Noche is really for a party or to feel a little more dressed up. So kind of the same way you would buy something to have dinner with your girlfriends on a weeknight, and then you’d buy something different to go to a holiday party.” 

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