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Create a modern farmhouse nursery for under $500


Tabitha Blue

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Farmhouse is the new neutral, and if my babe weren’t sleeping in her own bed already, I think I’d want to camp out in this room. I wanted to share a modern twist on the farmhouse look for a gender neutral nursery…and the big surprise here? You can get everything on this inspiration board to create your own modern farmhouse nursery for under $500 at Walmart!

How to create a modern farmhouse gender neutral nursery under $500!

  1. Mobile 2. Pendant Light 3. Crib 4. Nighttime lotion and Rash ointment 5. Diaper pail 6. Plush blanket 7. Crib sheets 8. Wall art 9. Rug 10. Mirror 11. Storage baskets 12. Pillow 13. Rocker 14. Table lamp 15. Sleeping sacks 16. Barrel planter 17. Philodendron

I designed this room as a laid back and playful neutral space. Since our little ones are stimulated by black and white, I thought I’d skip the pastels and go for a fresh, modern color palate of black, white, and natural. The modern farmhouse vibe makes it a space that I’d want to hang out in as well. Want a pop of color? If the addition of toys for your wee one doesn’t quite make it happen for you, just add it with art or bedding.

Since every little babe needs a place to rest their head, a crib was my first addition to the room. And since we’re looking for budget-friendly options, a 4-in-1 crib that INCLUDES the changing table saves us tons of dollars to use throughout the rest of the space, while keeping it white makes it the perfect option for either a boy or a girl’s room and will pair well with the color scheme.

How to create a modern farmhouse gender neutral nursery under $500!

Adding in a mirror is another great trick for amping up the modern feel of a nursery while also adding a visual feeling of more space. This round, galvanized version with rope brings an element of nature and the farmhouse aesthetic (and it’s a great buy considering it can be used in any room as your child grows).

Bringing in more light is a great way to add an open, modern feel to a room. And by offering a variety of lighting options, like a table lamp for more ambient light, you’ll be ready for midday playtime or those middle-of-the-night feedings.

While it may seem strange to add a vintage-inspired rug to a modern nursery, a cozy piece like this can actually add comfort, texture, and interest to a modern farmhouse nursery space, while simple, graphic wall art, a plant or two, and easy storage solutions, like baskets keep things looking natural and tidy. Fill in the rest with essentials like a diaper pail, changing pad, and consumable baby products like wipes and creams.

The best part of this room? It all can be ordered from! A one-stop shopping experience for a classic look that won’t break the bank…a total mom-hack for saving money without skimping on quality or design!

So tell us, which item would you choose to add to your own nursery?

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

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