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How To Cook Pasta in 60 Seconds Flat + Stop It Boiling Over Every Time!

Pasta in 60 seconds

Whipping up a quick pasta meal, especially after school can be a nightmare with kids running around, wanting snacks NOW! So here is a quick tip to get pasta done in 60 seconds + save the saucepan from boiling over and your kitchen from being hotter than a sauna.


Soak your pasta in a saucepan of water for an hour beforehand. When it’s ‘go time’, drain the pasta and before putting it into a boiling saucepan of water for 60 seconds. 60 seconds later and you are good to go with your pasta meal!

Bonus Tip…

Stop your saucepan of pasta from boiling over by laying a wooden spoon over the saucepan when it comes to a boil. I don’t know how, but it works and should stop your nice clean hob from getting messed up.

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