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How To Contribute to FamilyAid – Your Experience, Knowledge + Inspiration

Contribute to FamilyAid

We want you to SAY YES and get involved with FamilyAid. Share your experience, journey, tips, knowledge and inspiration.

– Have you overcome difficult circumstances?
– Do you have a great recipe or food hack?
– Do you have a story that could help/inspire others?
– Do you have tips for other parents?
– Do you want to just write something fun and inspirational?
– Do you want to be on the Family + Network – our YouTube channel?

If you want to contribute, here are some ways of making that happen.

– Join one of our forums.
– Join a group.
Super cool: Be a guest writer and submit your own article.

Guest Writer Guidelines
To save your time, please review these guidelines before writing and submitting your article. Once guidelines have been reviewed, please contact us with your information.

– Who you are (name, title, company)
– Topic you wish to cover and a one paragraph summary of your article
– Type of article post you wish to write (tip, recipe, experience etc)
– The key takeaway message of your piece

Once your article has been approved we will discuss publication date as it relates to our editorial calendar. Also with your submission, you can send us a short 60-word bio and a recent photo of yourself if you want to appear publicly on our website. Alternatively, you can submit under a pseudonym.

Promoting and Engaging

Recommend – Every article has a recommend button at the end.
Share – You can share to Twitter, Facebook, and email.
Respond – Respond to public comments on your article.
Parentwire – Your article will be published to our newsletter Parentwire.
Article Structure

Please ensure your article:

– Word count of 300 to 1,000
– Write using short sentences and brief paragraphs
– Break up large blocks of text with headings and subheadings
– Bullet your major points where possible
– Link source attribution

With our goal of being a credible source of family information, it is important to include supporting data, research claims and other key information. This can be done with hyperlinking your content to its online source. While we do encourage links to outside blogs and websites that supports the content or issue being discussed, we aim to keep our contributor articles free from promotional or advertorial type content.

Content Review Process

For quality control and consistency, we will review all submissions prior to publishing. If revisions are required, the draft will be returned to you with comments to be reviewed again prior to posting. In most cases, it is to address the structure of the post, clarity and conciseness. We reserve the right to reject articles without explanation.

We Will Not Post

While we encourage our guest writers to contribute, we will not publish anything:

– That has been published elsewhere. We will only post original content.
– That may be considered promotional or advertorial in nature that highlights the benefits of one specific product or service over others.
– Deemed to be hateful or disrespectful of organisations, causes or individuals.
– Republishing your article and copyright

While we will only feature content that has not been previously published, we are happy to allow our published authors to repurpose their blog posts elsewhere with the following stipulations:

– There is a 2-week window between the time your article goes live on FamilyAid and the time it is published on another site.
– All subsequent publications of your article must cite FamilyAid as the original source and provide a link to the original article.
– Once an article is submitted, you assign ownership and copyright to FamilyAid. However, we do allow you to repurpose and republish your article as outlined above.
– FamilyAid does not provide monetary compensation for guest blogger articles. Authors are compensated by exposure to FamilyAid audiences via our web properties and social media.

You will be notified via email if your article is selected to be published. Please understand that we are unable to accept all guest postings to be published due to the large amount of submissions we receive.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to FamilyAid. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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