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Classic Brides Will Love This Timeless Dallas Wedding

Classic Brides Will Love This Timeless Dallas Wedding

Jessie Ludwig & Samuel “Brother” Nastri
December 4, 2021

For Jessie Ludwig, the 2021 annual ski trip with boyfriend Brother Nastri and his family was nothing out of the ordinary. So she was caught off-guard when he asked for her hand before the picturesque mountainous landscape. “I didn’t even have my nails done,” she laughs. “I literally thought he was joking.” But it had been a long time coming for the couple, who had been dating for five years and would finally be closing their long-distance chapter with their December 4, 2021, nuptials. Classic, elegant, and timeless, the wedding exuded simple yet stylish beauty, keeping their love for each other and their families at the forefront.

Bride and Bridesmaids

Wrapped in White

Jessie wanted a wedding dress that was simple but not ordinary.She struck gold at her first appointment—finding this Sareh Nouri gown that more than fit the bill with its elegant scoop back and oversized bow—and promptly canceled all the rest.

Bridal Veil

Power Tulle

We love this ethereal image of Jessie in her veil, which has been passed down in Brother’s family. Having your day-of photographer snap a few sultry shots is a great option if you like the idea of boudoir photography but forgo a dedicated shoot!

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