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Calling all moms: Serena Williams wants your advice!


Carolyn Robertson

posted in Parenting

Serena Williams is desperate.

The tennis pro is undeniably tough on the court, but the gut-wrenching sound of her baby daughter Alexis crying seems to be more than the new mom can bear. The cause of the 3-month-old’s inconsolable tears? Teething. I’m sure many of you out there feel her pain.

After trying everything she could think of to make Alexis feel better, Serena took to Twitter this weekend to ask for advice from moms who have been through it before.

Teething is the worst. My first daughter got through it without too much trouble, but for my youngest it was slow torture. She was miserable day and night and nothing I did seemed to help. I can so relate to Serena’s tweets, because I remember sending out a similar plea myself. It was along the lines of: “Teething is killing us. Please send help!”

While I turned to my close friends for advice, Serena has the benefit of millions of fans and online followers. Advice for the overwhelmed new mama soon poured in, including suggestions to try frozen teething rings, amber beads, breast milk popsicles, cooled down clove tea, frozen fruit, boiled chicken drumstick bones, infant pain reliever and, of course, that age-old and generally ignored advice: “Whiskey on the gums.”

The award for the most original advice goes to the poster who wrote: “It’s an old wives tale… [there may] be some science to it though, but it worked for me and others in my mommies groups swear by it. You [put] a raw egg in a sock and hang it on the wall in their room (I’m really serious) Google it.”

I did google it — how could I not? — and it turns out this really is a thing. In fact, it has popped up in several discussions in the BabyCenter Community over the years. Apparently the sock needs to be dirty and the egg should be raw and still in its shell. There is no real scientific explanation for how this could possibly relieve teething pain, but a lot of moms out there seem to swear by it.

My personal advice is nowhere near as intriguing. Some of these tips, like the frozen wash cloth, did seem to help my daughter a little bit, but the only sure fix was time. I know it feels like forever when you are smack in the middle of teething hell, but I promise it will pass.

What are your best teething tips?

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