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Ask the Expert: How Can I Prepare For Rain on My Wedding Day?

I love the look of an outdoor wedding but the weather component makes me nervous. What can I do in the event of bad weather? 

Expert: Crystal Frasier, owner of Crystal Frasier Weddings 

We love outdoor weddings, and as much as we’d like to think we can control everything on the day of the wedding, we unfortunately can’t control the weather. That said, having a great Plan A and Plan B is essential to enjoying the big day, as well as being OK should you have to go to the “rain plan.” Let’s face it, the most important thing here is that you are marrying your fiance.

In the event of bad weather, usually the venue requires a morning-of rain or weather call. So make sure to have Mom, Dad, groom, and planner on a call, or have the discussion prior to calling your planner to relay the message to the venue. Be prepared and plan ahead that if a tent is involved, it could be in the thousands. Having the Plan B budget in place when selecting your venue is key as well so there is no confusion regarding a last-minute tent. It is best to secure the tent months in advance and know the cancellation policy so you can get your deposit—or a portion of your deposit—back should you not need it after all. Inquiring with the venue whether they have another wedding that backs up to yours is a smart and potentially cost-saving measure if you and the other bride could split the cost. 

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